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3 Months To A New You

What if I told you that it would take only 3 months to a new you? What if you could completely transform yourself in only 3 months, would you do it if I showed you how? Now for some of you the idea of looking and feeling great in only 3 months might be a goal so high that it scares you to even consider you could achieve it. But that’s the first step. Take big swings. Go for high goals. You will impress yourself with what you can accomplish if you are only willing to go for it.

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Trust me I can relate. Daryl and I just finished the Tough Mudder this past Saturday up here in Toronto. It was a great day, the Tough Mudder team really knows how to organize a topnotch event. I can tell you that beer never tasted so good as the first beer after that race.

Before The Race


But I have to tell you I was nervous as heck. Could I finish it?

We had a small crew (5 guys) and we had been training for this specific event for roughly 3 months. While we like to consider ourselves in pretty good shape most of the time both mine and Daryl’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance was nowhere near where it needed to be for an event like Tough Mudder so we had to have a plan and stick to it so we would be ready.

On top of our regular strength and speed training we did a once-a-week routine dedicated to the specific needs of this event. Primarily hill running and chin up variations.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 9.00.56 AM

We also maintained a very clean nutrition plan and kept cheat meals to 3 a week and all of them had to occur on one day. 6 days of the week we ate well (we sure as heck weren’t hungry) but it was all quality food, no junk.

I have to tell you when you are training and eating to be successful for something other than just vanity it is so much easier to stick to your plan. And it’s so much more fun!

Finished The Race and Feeling A Great Sense Of Accomplishment


Knowing that this event was coming up gave meaning to each and every workout. It gave meaning to how we ate. Pulling yourself up over certain obstacles is always harder if you’re heavier. Even the running is more demanding when you carry unnecessary weight, especially a 10 -12 mile run as is typical of the Tough Mudder events.

That was our motivation to never miss a workout and eat well. And it worked. We had a great day, muscle soreness on the following day or two was surprisingly not that bad at all. We finished in a decent time and everyone was in such good shape we really got to enjoy the event instead of suffering through it.

Clean Up Before A Well-Deserved Beer

Stevie & Chriso Washing off

Niall & Daryl Bubbles

Now it’s done. So what’s next? That’s what I have to figure out this week. What is next? You can be darn sure I’ll have some goal to focus on in the not too distant future to keep the drive alive.

If you had asked us a couple of years ago if we would ever do something like this I wouldn’t have thought it possible. I wasn’t a long distance runner and you have to be decent at distance-running to do this event. But you bite the bullet and take on the challenge. Then you do it once and you can’t believe the sense of accomplishment you get. It really makes you feel like you can take on the world.

What is something you would like to do but don’t think you could accomplish? Try taking on that challenge, have a plan to achieve it, and see where it takes you. Guaranteed you will surprise yourself with your own abilities and grit.

Never stop moving forward.

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