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Abs, Abs, And More Abs

We all want ’em…a nice flat tummy and a six-pack to show off on the beach.

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Work Those Abs


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Planks can not be overrated as an incredible ab builder…if they’re done right. Most people get into a plank position and hold is passively. This is an active position.

Step 1: When you get into the plank position start by flexing your abs as hard a humanly possible.
Step 2: Now squeeze your glutes as if your life depended on it.
Step 3: Flex your quads as hard as you can.
Step 4: Although your elbows won’t actually move an inch, pull them down towards your stomach as if you are trying to do a crunch.

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Now keep repeating this checklist as you hold your plank: Abs, Glutes, Quads, Elbows, Abs Glutes, Quads, Elbows etc. If you are not very focused it is very easy to stop flexing one if not all of these muscles so you have to keep repeating this cues.

Do a plank this way and in only 20 seconds you should feel spent. What kind of abs do you think you’ll get if you do abs this way…that’s right, incredible abs!

Side Plank

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The same form holds true for the side plank. Just concentrate on steps 1 and 2…flex your abs and glutes as hard as possible. This exercise can be done on your hand or down on your forearm.

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Round out your abdominal routine with some kind of dynamic movement e.g. a mountain climber variation, plank variation (plank jacks, planks with a leg raise) or bird dogs.

Finish it up with crunches or leg raise variation and you have yourself a solid little ab session.
For best results do 1 round of each exercise one after another with no rest followed by a 30 second break. Then repeat it 2 more times.

The Fastest Way To Burn Fat

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You could have the best abs in the world but if they’re covered by a layer of fat no one is going to see them. There are many exercise options to burn calories but by far the best fat-burning routines are high intensity interval training.

What’s even better is that these routines are short so you get the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time.

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Try this simple and short routine to burn fat off your mid-section quick. 3 Rounds of for time:
• Burpees x 20
• Pushups x 20
• Lunges x 15 (each leg)

That’s right, 3 rounds of this routine with no rest doing one exercise after another. Your heart rate will be jacked ensuring you are burning calories at a furious rate. You will be building muscle and shape too. This kind of routine will sculpt your soon to be lean body in no time.

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Understand that “Abs Are Made In The Kitchen” and this is usually where people have the most trouble. It is no secret that nutrition is where people have the hardest time changing their habits.
Here are the simplest 3 steps you can follow to dynamically improve your diet:

1. Drink 3 Litres of Water A Day – The easiest way to do this is drink a pint glass of water as soon as you get up. Have a pint of water with each of your 3 meals for the day. Treat it like your veggies, it’s got to be finished along with the rest of your meal. Then have 2 more pints of water throughout the day.
2. Eat Oatmeal or Eggs For Breakfast – You would be surprised how many morning cereals contain sugar. Avoid this fat-storing sugar first thing in the morning by switching to unsweetened oatmeal and/or eggs for breakfast. Spice up you oatmeal with fruit, raisins, nuts, and unsweetened apple sauce.
3. Have Fibre With EVERY Meal – A third of every meal should be fibrous fruits and veggies (that means potatoes and sweet potatoes don’t count as veggies). This natural fibre help the way you digest fat and sugar making you store less fat.

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This isn’t a perfect diet but in all likelihood it’s a darn sight better than what you’re eating today and these 3 areas are where most people are failing most. Once these three changes have become habits you can look at further improvements.

Remember fitness is a journey. You want to change the way you eat permanently in a way that is just as satisfying as you eat now. There are so many delicious and healthy alternatives to many of the bad foods you eat now, you just have to make the effort to try them.

You can do it. Refuse to give up on yourself and you will most certainly get there.

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