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All Your Excuses Are Worthless….

If you are on the bubble of getting into a new fitness routine, ignore that voice in your head giving you a myriad of reasons for putting it off and just do it. The difference between your long term fitness or impending return to your old bad habits is directly a results of how you handle that little voice.

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Think about it. That little voice has kept you from getting fit for probably some time now. There was always a reason you didn’t get fit.

Yet there were always moments of clarity where you would feel uncomfortable with your appearance to remind that yes you do in fact want to look and feel better. You would do well not to listen to that little voice.

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I Don’t Have The Money Right Now

Are you considering joining a gym? Getting personal training? Buying some home equipment? Getting a home program? But wait, you have all those bills from the holidays!

Well let’s look at it this way…even if you joined a swanky gym charging you $100 per month most of us could easily afford it if it was really, really important to you. Think about it, that’s $25 per week. How often do you waste $10 here or there on really frivolous, unnecessary stuff? Yes, you could likely afford $25 a week if getting fit was a priority, so budget is not really the issue.

Fitness vs. budget. It’s no contest.

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I Will Have The Time To Workout Soon

Maybe you have a holiday booked or you are slammed at work during January and February. You tell yourself once your time eases up you can throw yourself fully into a fitness program. This is a fallacy…don’t fall for it.

Life is busy. It will be busier in a month or two from now too. There are always a plethora of truly legitimate excuses of why you are too busy to workout….but people who are fit (who are just as busy as you if not busier) still find a way to get it done.

You can too and you will. You just have to be determined to find a way. Be as unreasonable about your need to be fit as you are about work and family.

Even just a few 15 minute workouts every week is exponentially better than doing nothing. Then when you schedule does ease up you can make those 15 minutes workouts 30 or 45 minute workouts.

When things get busy again, ease back to the 15 minute routines. This keeps you consistent which is the key to a lasting physical transformation.

You see, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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I Don’t Like To Workout

You like to workout you just don’t know it yet. I’ve always maintained that if a large group of people can truly enjoy doing some endeavour then there must be something to it. With exercise you just haven’t figured out how to make it fun and rewarding. Hint: it rarely hasn’t anything to do with the visual results.

You were meant to move.

Research has shown that working out has the same affect on the mind as a mild dose of anti-depressants. There is a long list of necessary physical reactions that happen to the body when you move…not just burning calories. Movement is a must.

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Remember when you were a very little kid and you loved run, jump, and play for the sheer exhilaration of moving? Just look at any group of kids in a playground. They are intoxicated on the fun of movement, of having their blood coursing through their veins, their hearts racing, it is pure joy.

You have forgotten how good it feels to move. You have distanced yourself from it and you have convinced yourself that it doesn’t feel good. When you do that long enough, returning to moving can see laborious and uncomfortable.

But if you start to move it won’t take long for those uncomfortable feelings to start to subside, and for that fun feeling to come back.

It’s time to reconnect with that vibrant, fun-loving little kid living inside you again.

It’s time to get moving.




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