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Are You Going To Get Fit Or Are You Going To Get Old?

If you are carrying excess weight I’m going to take a wild guess and say it didn’t happen overnight. Most likely it has been a slow and steady accumulation of weight through a series of small bad habits. Those habits add up to an extra 5 or 10 pounds a year, and it doesn’t take too long for that to add up. If you are over 30 you may be coming to a crossroads where you can either decide to get fit so you can look and feel young. Or you can continue on your current path to a heavy, slower, less energetic life. The choice is yours.

Have you ever asked yourself why you dislike physical activity?

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Ask yourself why anyone enjoys doing anything that you do not like doing. Don’t just dismiss it as “they are different” or “they were born that way”.  Imagine how much of the world you are missing because you only view the world through your perspective. Now try to truly imagine being someone else and feeling why they are so driven to do things you don’t. Imagine why they like it so much.

This thought first occurred to me in university shortly after a math class. I had always dislike math greatly. While I realized I could pass math courses if I studied myself sick I never excelled at math and I sure as heck didn’t like it. Then one day, for no reason at all, I started to imagine what it might be like for someone who enjoys math.

Solving a math problem was fun for them. It was like playing a crossword or some new video game. I imagined they looked at math, not only as a series of numbers, but as another language to describe objects, space, and time. In this way math was simply a puzzle they were solving and so it was kind of fun (at least that’s how I perceived it).

While I won’t be auditioning for the Broadway version of Good Will Hunting anytime soon, I can now actually enjoy math as a puzzle I want to solve, like trying to figure out the best route to the next level in a video game.

So too you might ask yourself how it is that some fitness nuts love working out? In fact, how is it that the harder the workout, the more it is these kind of people like it? How is it these people actually like eating healthy food? If you use your imagination and try to walk a mile in their shoes you might start seeing things from a different perspective.

If you can imagine that maybe there is the tiniest possibility that you too might one day actually enjoy being active just for the shear physical exhilaration of it all, my only advice is to start small. It’s not such a strange thought.Before you know it you may be running like the wind. When you were a really small kid you definitely loved running until exhaustion and exerting yourself just for the heart-pounding rush of good feelings it gave you.

Ask yourself when and why that ever changed? Or would you like that feeling back again.

The first step, start off small with small goals. For example, promise yourself you will go for a 2 mile walk six days a week in an effort to lose 5 pounds. The exercise is not too hard but it will really add up over time. I have seen clients lose a tremendous amount of weight just from regular walking.

Each goal you achieve will build the confidence in you to try something just a little more challenging. That’s how it starts. Just like all those small bad habits really add up over time, the reverse is also true. Small good habits really to make for big changes over time. You will get lighter, have more energy, and feel younger.

What’s more important is that by making your changes, especially at first, small goals, you are much, much more likely to stick to your fitness goals meaning you are on the path for a permanent change towards living a healthier and fitter life. What’s the alternative? Keep on the same track you are now and watch the weight go up and your mobility and energy decrease. That’s how people get old…they just let it happen.

You have a choice. Choose wisely.

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