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Bicycles…Possibly The Best Ab Exercise Ever

Everyone wants abs. It’s no secret. That’s why you should definitely do bicycles, which we believe is possibly the best ab exercise ever! One of the reasons we are focused on delivering great legs is that you can’t achieve great legs without developing a great set of abs and a great butt. So, in effect, getting great legs will get you the total body you want. To do all the exercises in our programs such as squats and sprinting effectively, you need strong abs. So devote some time building your core and your legs will thank you for it.

Ab Exercise – Bicycles

Exercise Tips

When you do bicycles make sure you do them in a slow controlled manner. As you alternate bringing each knee and opposite elbow together remember to do a few things. Don’t interlock your hands behind your head and pull your neck. Keep your hands by your ears. Also, when you reach out with the long leg do exactly that…reach as long as you can. Think of a dancer practicing having a long, graceful body. If you practice being “long” it will translate into how carry yourself in the rest of your life.

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Lastly, when you are stuck for time you want to do exercises that give you the most bang for your buck. Bicycles work pretty much every part of the abdominals, both the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. Try bicycles and let us know if you see and feel the difference in your core.

If you aren’t doing much for abs now try doing 10 bicycles (knee to elbow) with each leg. Over the next 60 days add 1 rep each day so that in two months you are doing 70 bicycles a side. Without a doubt this will give you a rocking set of abs. Just make sure to lean down by eating well over those 60 days so you can reveal your six-pack to the world!

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