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Trust The Process

One of the challenges of transformation is that so often people get stopped before they really get started. One of the best things you can do is work on your faith! Yes, trust the process. When doubt creeps in…when you get stuck…when you slip up on your nutrition, skip a workout, have a bad week, […]

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Interview with Pro Fitness Competitor Kyla Gagnon- Discusses Getting Into Incredible Shape & How To Eliminate Cellulite

In this interview with Fitness Pro Competitor Kyla Gagnon she discusses all things fitness. We delve into how she trains to sculpt her body and get into top shape, what she eats to look and feel great year round, and what she does to keep cellulite at bay. Getting Into Incredible Shape & How To […]

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What I Learned From Summer Indulgences And How To Reverse Cellulite Build Up

We’re mid-way through the summer and if you are anything like me there has been too much barbeque, beer, and laying around. That means putting on a few unnecessary pounds and worsening the appearance of cellulite. So let’s discuss how to reverse cellulite build up and take in some lessons learned from this summer’s indulgences. […]

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