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Brazil-worthy Booty

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You ever seen those pictures of Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro? Whether they are professional beach models or just your average Brazilian girl next door they all seem to have a little more umph to their booty. Now you can chalk it up to genetics or the fact that they are constantly hiking up the steep mountains of the city but the truth is like many beach cultures, these people are active.

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In particular, in this country, women pride themselves on having a booty and many, many women go to the gym for that very reason. One staple of gyms in Brazil is the kickback which is great for working the glutes.

Exercise of the Week – Kickbacks

You can do this exercise with body weight, you can do it with ankles weights on, you can use an ankle strap on a cable pulley machine, or there are even specially designed machines just for kickbacks. Whether you use resistance or not the same form still applies.

How To Do ‘Em

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First thing is to get down on all fours into a table-top position. The hands are directly under your shoulders and the knees are directly below the hips. You likely want an exercise matt or a soft workout floor when you do this exercise.

Now pick up one leg off the ground, keep it bent, and without shifting your hips or bending your arms, push you heel towards the ceiling as high as you can. Now hold it for a good second. Flex your glutes. Drop your leg slowly back into position and either keep repeating all your reps with that leg until done and then switch legs.

Or you can alternate legs each rep.

If you can get your heel up this high your are doing it amazingly well!

If you can get your heel up this high your are doing it amazingly well!

This seems like an easy exercise until you try to do it perfectly without shifting your hips. Often people don’t push their heel straight up to the ceiling, rather it goes back or sideways. So concentrate on perfect form to get the best results.

Make this part of your routine to rock that bikini this coming year!

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