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Build A Better Butt To Fix My Back Pain

If you have a back injury or chronic back pain the thought of getting great legs could seem impossible but it’s not. You can do anything, you just have to figure out how to get there. With injuries, especially back injuries, the key is to understand what exercise you can do while injured AND what exercises will help you rehab your current injury. In this interview with Rick Kaslej from we discuss how you can fix your own back pain by taking proactive steps immediately to get stronger and more mobile.

Fix My Back Pain

There you have it…just about anyone can get back to sprinting and squatting and get an incredible set of legs IF they learn to work around their injury and develop mobility, particularly hip mobility. Having strong and mobile hips (or your butt) is what will save your back from pain and injury.

Your butt is the strongest muscle in your body and should be doing most of the work when you lift something off the ground or when you bend down and squat. But due to our modern and sedentary lifestyle many of us have developed tightness in the hip or the muscles around the hip.

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Build A Better Butt

What results is that your strong glute muscles stop firing off…they go dormant due to this tightness. This shifts the stress of the movements to your back and knees resulting in injury.

Ever tried Plyometrics? Visit here to find out why it can help build an awesome butt!

Most people try to “treat” back pain with rest when what you need to do is get your butt and back stronger and more mobile. Modern rehab prescribed by physiotherapists get people moving almost the next day to within a few days of most back injuries. It goes without saying that you should double check with your physiotherapist before taking on any new exercise or rehab routine, but in by far the majority of cases you will find they agree with Rick’s approach.

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Walking and simple hip stretches are usually the first and best course of action. As you get more mobile and the pain of the injury subsides, start taking on more body weight strength exercises to build up your glutes so they are strong and definitely not dormant!

It’s also wise before any leg workout or sprinting routine to do the same glute exercises to “wake-up” the glutes before a serious workout routine.

Rick’s Back Pain Solution

If you want to see more of Rick’s back pain solution check him out here.

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