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Burpees For Great Legs???? What???

Water’s wet, the sky is blue, and everyone hates burpees. It’s just a fact. We hate them because they are just so damn hard. But, anything that difficult is bound to change your body. Take it one step further, if you do a good deal of burpees regularly it’s just about impossible not to get fit.

Check out this burpee workout I did with Shawna Kaminski that had our hamstrings just burning. That’s really important because the hamstrings have to be one of the most under-worked muscles and it is just impossible to have truly great legs without an awesome set of hammies.

Doing A Challenge Burpee Workout with Shawna Kaminski

The Routine

Here’s the workout. Do this whole workout with one leg and then repeat on the other side:

  1. One Legged Burpees x 5
  2. Romanian Deadlift (RDL) into Reverse Lunge x 5
  3. Squat Jumps x 5

The Challenge

So I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Try this burpee workout if you dare…but don’t be surprise if you actually grow an appetite for burpees. The one thing about them is that the workouts are so hard and yet so incredibly short. And I’ll take short and intense workouts over long and drawn out any day of the week!!!

Besides, maybe you’ve heard me refer to Shawna as the fittest woman I know. At 50 she can still rock short shorts and put most 20 year-olds to shame. The woman walks the walk. It would be wise to paid heed and check out her Challenge Burpee Routine.

Lastly I’ll make this point, one of the most challenging areas for cellulite build up is the back of the legs so build them up to help chase that cellulite scurrying away like a little dog with it’s tail between its legs.

I never said getting great legs would be easy, but I sure as heck said it would be worth it.

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