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Crunches Not Giving You The Six Pack You Want? Try This…

Crunches are a great ab exercise and should be part of your arsenal when sculpting sexy abs. They need to be done with proper technique to get the most out of them and to prevent potential injury. Crunches all by themselves won’t give you the abs you want, but if you know where to fit them into your routine they are an essential exercise.

Exercise of the Week – Crunches

The Form

A few key points when doing crunches. Don’t interlace your fingers behind your head. That can lead to you tugging on your neck and potentially injuring yourself. Instead keep your hands gently by your ears.

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Secondly you want to crunch up not in towards you knees. Feel as though you are trying to make your chin reach for the ceiling. The reason being is that crunching in causes a dangerous compressions of the spine, whereas moving up with your chin eliminates severity of this spinal compression.

Remember only your shoulders are coming off the floor. Your lower back should remain in contact with the floor throughout the exercise. If your lower back comes off the floor you’re doing sit ups.

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Crunches To Dial Up The Intensity

Crunches can be thought of as a great finisher exercise. It’s something to throw at the end of your ab routine to ramp up the intensity and the burn. The first move in any abdominal routine should be some form of planking exercise. Follow that up with a form of leg raises exercise. Then, only after doing both of those exercises, finish off your six pack with some crunches.

Remember pay close attention to form.

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Lessons Learned

Whether it’s crunches or some other form of exercise or nutrition that doesn’t seem to be working for you, remember don’t get frustrated. It’s normal that some things don’t work. To be successful at fitness you have to be willing to try new things all the time.

The best method is to try a routine for 3 months. If you don’t see results after that time make adjustments. Research alternatives, change your program and your meal plan, and try that for another 3 months. This kind of trial and error will always work out for you in the end. Just don’t get discouraged and give up.

And just because something isn’t working for you now doesn’t mean it’s a total failure. Crunches by themselves won’t get your great abs. You need to do a complete abdominal workout and eat right if you want a great six pack. But crunches are a great “part” of the whole solution.

In the end, resolve to never stop moving ahead until you have your dream body and you will most certainly get there in the end.

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