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Discover How To Lose Weight Permanently

Frieda was beyond frustrated with the way she looked although she didn’t look bad at all. In fact, she look pretty darn good. But she had just a little excess weight around her hips and tummy and she had lofty goal of a wicked body. She wanted to discover how to lose weight permanently. She was training hard, of that there was no doubt but something wasn’t working.

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Now when I say she was frustrated I don’t want to understate the point. There were times when we spoke where she was brought to tears. She really wanted to look better but it just seemed impossible to her that she’d ever get there. She thought she was doing everything right.

But when it came to food…she really wasn’t eating half as well as she thought.

This story seems to replay itself over and over again and no doubt it likely sounds familiar to you as well. You can’t seem to lose that last 10lbs to 15lbs that would make all the difference in your appearance. You are convinced you are doing everything right.

Plus there is so much conflicting information out there you just aren’t sure you are doing everything right.

Let me break it down for you…food is most definitely the culprit.

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We All Love Decadent Food

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I definitely have my own urges. Some of my favourties; homemade scones, a really hoppy tasting beer, and pecan butter tarts. All of these can be very hard to say no to during the week. They’re reserved for my cheat day and make no mistake I have them regularly.

Just not too regularly. That’s what makes all the difference.

Also, when food is the problem it’s not that you need to starve yourself or eat bland horrible food. It’s likely just small adjustments is all you need to make.

It’s A Game Of Inches

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No not the inches on your waistline although that too ;). If you are eating fairly well and you are at least maintaining your weight through sound nutrition and exercise you are not far away at all from losing the fat. In fact, you are painfully close. Often times at this stage it is minor tweaking to your meal plan that will get you to start to lose the weight.

So don’t get discouraged, start to experiment with small changes.

Find something calorie-heavy in your diet and cut it in half. Do you have cream in your coffee? Go from 2 creams down to 1? Ditto for sugar in your coffee.

Do you have a muffin, toast, or a bagel for breakfast? Switch that to oatmeal dressed up with fruit and nuts and watch what that does for your weight loss goals.

How much dressing do you put on your salad?

How much dairy do you eat in a day?

How much bread do you consume in a day?

Find alternatives such as increasing the amount of fibrous veggies you eat in a meal and cut out or reduce the dairy and bread to at least eat half as much of them. Don’t allow yourself to get hungry. Instead fill up the rest of your meal with lean proteins and veggies.

This kind of trial and error is really all it takes to move into the fat-burning zone and stay there. And this is usually one of the typical places people give up in frustration not knowing just how close there were!

Do You Really “Want” Those Treats In The First Place

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Do you really love all those treats you desire? That may sound like a rhetorical question but I want you to sit back and think about it. When that craving to have your favourite bad food comes over you isn’t it incredibly overpowering? Often too strong to say no to…

Think about this, eating poorly (especially when it leads to obesity) leads to a myriad of long-term illnesses from diabetes to cardiovascular disease to heart disease to certain types of cancer.

In that respect eating poorly has the same kind of long-term detrimental health effects as smoking or drinking alcohol (just different diseases). Yet we treat eating junk food as just a guilty pleasure.

I want you to consider this thought:

Whether it’s sugar, fatty / savoury foods, or a glass of wine at the end of a hard day a work, your desire to have all these goodies is in part an addiction. Not just a craving for a guilty pleasure but an addiction.

We just don’t want to admit that bad food is in fact an addiction because…well…then we’d have to treat it like one.

Even though it’s slowly killing us just the same.

┬áIt’s All In Your Head

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If being unfit makes you feel miserable then those cravings really must be an addiction. Those bad foods are sabotaging what you want now (to look and feel great) and what you need later (your long-term health). If that isn’t addiction then I don’t know what you would call it.

Getting fit begins with the mind. If you tell yourself that junk food is just a guilty pleasure and not an addiction then giving it up is you making a sacrifice. And you will be much more unlikely to give it up.

On the other hand if you are fighting an addiction you are just doing the smart thing by minimizing how much sweets and fatty snacks you have in a week…just the same kind of moderation you would apply to how much alcohol you drink in a week.

What you believe about the cravings for bad food will determine how you deal with your cravings.

You can have it all, great food and a great body…everything in moderation is what will get your there.

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