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Discover What Is The Best Exercise For The Back Of The Legs And Learn How To Do It Perfectly

What is the best exercise for the back of the legs? Well…the answer might surprise you. This same exercise is not just amazing for you hamstrings (aka the back of the legs) it will also develop your whole body. It is basic, functional, and should be in every exercise routine in some form or another. So what’s the exercise?

The deadlift.

What is the best exercise for the back of the legs?

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 The Most Fundamental Exercise…Simple Is Best

There is nothing like lifting heavy stuff off the floor to build a truly great body, particularly the hamstrings and glutes. That is pretty much all deadlifting is…picking up heavy stuff off the floor.

Now there are several variations of deadlifts which work the hamstrings to varying degrees. What you want is a movement that allows you to engage your power to the utmost while engaging the hamstrings heavily at the same time.

With that criteria in mind there is nothing that quite compares to the sumo deadlift. If you want a gorgeous lower body from the back you need to do this movement. And nothing will develop your hamstrings as fast as doing these either!

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 How To Do It Perfectly So Your Hamstrings Do All The Work

Straight Back – First off, whenever you do ANY deadlift you need to keep your back straight.

Tip – Pinch your shoulder blades together throughout the movement. When you do this it makes you want to keep that perfectly straight back from top to bottom.

Keep your weight on your heels – If you find yourself driving up through the balls of your feet you’re not doing it right. When your weight shifts to the front of your foot (balls of your feet) the stress moves off of your hips (where it should be) to your lower back and knees. That is how people get hurt.

Tip – Pay attention to where the stress is on your feet. Driving through your heels is key to doing deadlifts correctly.

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 Keep Your Back Straight…Hinge At The Hips

Think of your back as a iron rod that just won’t bend. Hinge at the hips and the hips alone. This will not only help you deadlift correctly, you will find it will translate into your life. You will begin to hinge at the hips when you pick up anything; groceries, your kids, shoveling snow…

Learning how to deadlift correctly won’t just make you look great. It will make you a more powerful person in everything you do.

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 If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Won’t Change You

If you already go to the gym you may notice a great many people do not deadlift.


Well, it’s simple really. Deadlifting is hard. That’s exactly why it has such a dramatic effect on you. It stresses your body and the body is forced to change, to adapt to deal with this new stress.

You want to transform your body quickly and permanently? Then add deadlifts into your routine and don’t ever, ever some doing some form of deadlift no matter what kind of training routine you are doing.

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What To Do Once You’ve Mastered The Sumo Deadlift

There are many, many variations of deadlifts and you will want to try. And you get something from all of them so get around to learning each and everyone below….eventually.

Barbell Exercises

Conventional Deadlifts, Stiff-Legged Deadlifts, Deficit Deadlifts, Good Mornings

Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

Body Weight Exercises

One Legged Deadlifts, Good Mornings

So if you decide to give the weights a rest for a while, you have body weight options. Or dumbbell options if you want to workout from home.

Just try deadlifting for 6 weeks and see the difference it makes for you.

To find out more tips on how to get great legs visit us here.






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