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Easy Plyometrics – Get Faster and Look Better

Most people don’t realize when the majority of us run we tend to do most of the work with one leg. One dominant leg does most of the driving while the other leg just lags along for the ride. But if you want to have great legs you need to drive with both legs.

Easy Plyometrics For Beginners

Another benefit from plyometrics is that it gives you that elastic energy so that you spring forward as you run every time your foot touches the ground. This kind of power will translate into you getting stronger, faster, and looking better and better.

Any kind of jumping exercise is also particularly great for the glutes. That hard to reach area at the top of the glutes gets worked best when you doing some kind of jumping exercise. So whether it’s plyometrics, skipping, or sprint bounding drills have some component in your workout routine where you do some kind of jumping.

If you haven’t done any jumping in a while, take it very easy at first. That’s why the drills in this video are so great for beginners. They are an easy way to get the explosive power of small jumps back into your workouts.

Starting Out

Do 10 jumps with two legs and 10 jumps with each leg for a start. Over a few weeks you can work up to 2 to 3 sets of 10 jumps for each exercise. Remember to lift up your toes on each jump. This technique helps put your foot in the ready position to spring when it hits the ground again.

Reverse Age and Gravity

Think of plyometrics as having the reverse effect of age and gravity. With age things on your body droops. With plyos you lift them right back up! People are always amazed that these sprint drills that seem so simple can have such a dramatic effect on the body but it’s true. You just have to be consistent.

Let us know if you tried this drill and if you found it helpful.

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