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Exercise of the Week – Butt Kicks

The exercise of the week is butt kicks. This drill is just incredible for building up your hamstrings and helping you get that line of definition down the side of you legs separating your quads from your hamstrings ~ a telltale sign of truly great legs.

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Butt Kicks

Proper Form

Be sure to pull your knees up and in front of you before attempting to hit you butt with your heel. You want to avoid practicing what sprinters refer to as “backside mechanics” i.e. dragging your leg back behind you before you try to kick your butt with you heel.

Remember you want all you momentum moving forward. This drill is not only designed to help you get great hamstrings but also to help you get faster. We all know when you get faster you will certainly look better.

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Perfect Hamstrings

Combine these with One-Legged Deadlifts to get perfect hamstrings. You see to work you hammie’s fully you need to do one movement where you bend at the knee (Butt Kicks) and one where you bend at the hip (One-Legged Deadlifts).

Superset these two moves for 3 to 4 rounds and your sure to develop the backs of your legs to their best potential.

If you want to use this to the utmost of your advantage, do this Butt kicks/One-Legged Deadlifts superset as a warm up to your workout. This will pre-exhaust your hamstrings and force them to work overtime during the regular workout ensuring that you will have them pop out from the backs of your legs pushing which will help fight the appearance of cellulite.

Keep it up alongside a clean nutrition plan and you will lean down, banish cellulite for good, and finally have the legs of your dreams. You can do it, just refuse to give up. Tenacity will get you to your goals.

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