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Exercise of the Week – One-Legged Deadlifts

Have you ever seen those women with that great line of definition down the side of their legs? That is a great look and you only get that look is you have really well developed hamstrings. Unfortunately the hamstrings are often overlooked and it’s one of the reasons you may not look as good from behind as you wish.


Check out this amazing hamstring exercise sure to giving you great shape from the side and backs of your legs.

One-Legged Deadlifts

Be Graceful

One-legged Deadlifts will also greatly improve your balance which will translate into how you carry yourself day to day. These kinds of balance exercises not only build muscle but also will have you carrying yourself in a more graceful manner. You want a sexy strut…these will help you with that as well.

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Be sure to do this exercise slowly going down and coming up. It’s easier to do them quickly but you won’t get near the value out of them versus doing them slowly. Much like a ballet dancer doesn’t rip aggressively through their exercises, you are practicing control, not just strength, with this move.

Be Long & Tall

Keep your body long as throughout the movement. When you begin to bend over feel as though there is a straight line from the crown of your head to the heel of your foot (of the leg that is going up and out). Reach out with both your head and heel to stretch that length. Do not cave over at the abdomen. This will make the exercise harder but will allow you to get so much more out of it. In other words, keep your back straight as well.

Again this will translate with the way you carrying yourself. Standing taller and straighter will give you the beautiful posture you want.

All told this exercise has the ability to not only improve your legs but it will add co-ordination and grace to you as well. Give these a try and let us know below what you’re getting out of One-Legged Deadlifts.

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