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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – The Secret To Succeeding At Fitness

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
? Benjamin Franklin
If you look at anyone who has been successful in life from business people to athletes and every occupation in between, they always have had specific goals and a detailed plan to reach those goals. It’s no secret that if you are reading this blog you want to have great legs. Okay so you have a specific goal, now what?
When devising a plan it’s always best to avoid reinventing the wheel if possible. Are there other people who have achieved what you want to achieve? Take a note out of their playbook and follow their lead. Maybe their exact path won’t get you exactly where you want to go, but odds are it’s a start in the right direction.
Studies have been done that show when goals, an action plan, and an accountability factor (a friend who knows of your goals and actions, who can keep you honest) are put in place the results people achieve are dramatically better than those with just a goal.
Check out this research study about achieving goals!
Over the years we look at too many training techniques and approaches to count. We looked at all the super fit and tested each of their approaches. Even in the early days we always got our clients results but it took years of tweaking our approach, distilling only the best from all those approaches and techniques, until we finally came up with a system to deliver great legs in the minimum amount of time with maximum results.
Along the way to goals, oftentimes, people run into challenges, roadblocks, or down right brick walls. When they do, successful people adjust their actions and keep driving for their goals. It’s just that simple. If you are determined to reach a specific goal you will find a way. You will continue to work and make adjustments until you are successful. That is the recipe for success.
You will likely experience the same kind of trial and error in some small ways. Don’t be discouraged, rather expect it and be prepared to adjust.
Do you have a clear picture in your mind of what your perfect legs, and your perfect body for that matter, will look like? Maybe after you get fit you will look at your physique and start to focus on small areas of your body so as to sculpt the ideal body for you.
Maybe you will do a couple of extra sets of an exercise because that focuses on an area you want to accentuate. Whatever the case may be, once you are looking great, don’t be surprised if you continue to look for ways to improve and improve and improve.
Perfection can become addictive.
In your case, you need to be mentally prepared for challenges and be ready to adjust if need be. I had a client who before she began working with me was a motivated individual who trained diligently and watched what she ate. Unfortunately, so many people think they are eating well because they shop for low-fat or sugar-free products. They buy foods branded as “healthy” that are anything but good for you. These products are often misleading and can even result in further weight gain! We talked about nutrition and after pointing out some pitfalls in her diet, my client started finally leaning down and quickly.
Whether it’s fitness or any other aspect of your life, having a goal and a plan are key to your success.


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