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Get Great Legs

If you’ve tried everything to make your legs look great and you still aren’t getting results you should definitely look at sprinting. Think about it…sprinters have incredible legs with no fat or cellulite. They must be doing something right.

The truth is sprint training not only builds the all the muscles in your legs, your butt, and your abdominals, but it also changes your hormone balance to make you a fat burning, cellulite shedding machine.

Maybe you haven’t run in a while. Maybe you can’t remember the last time you sprinted. That’s okay. You can start off slowly and before you know it you’ll be running like a kid again.

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The trick to starting off slowly is to do a series of sprint drills. What you can do is do the sprint drill slowly in at a marching pace. After a while marching the drill turns into skipping through the drill. Check out the different variations of the most fundamental of all sprinting drills; the “A”.

Get Great Legs

Remember skipping? Like Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, you will do your drills in a skipping motion. Sounds kind of funny does it? Well that’s what the fastest people in the world do to warm up and perfect their running form.

If it works for them it will work for anybody.

Lastly, you begin to do the drill almost as if you are running in place only you are very slowly inching forward. The only difference is you are running with perfect form.

Once you are at that point you will be ready to begin a proper sprint routine. Start practicing Marching A’s in your current exercise plan and then over the next few weeks work up to Skipping, then Running A’s. Then you will be on your way to great legs.

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