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Get Ready For Carnival…In Trinidad?

For those of you who don’t know there is another national Carnival celebration that rivals Brazil’s and that is held in beautiful Trinidad and Tobago. Carnival is held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday which makes it fall on the 11th and 12th of February this year. And just like the famous Carnival in Brazil there will be lots of people on display for this party of parties.

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Parade floats are surrounded by scantily clad dancers in elaborate costumes….the bottom line…if you’re going to Carnival you want to be looking fit.

Now maybe you’re not going to Carnival, maybe you’re just getting away for a sunny holiday on the beach. Either way, if there are bathing suits in your future, you want to use the most efficient and scientifically-proven method to get into the best shape possible.

The answer: HIIT

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What’s HIIT? High Intensity Intermittent Training

HIIT is best describe as doing strength exercises with little to no rest between exercises. A good HIIT routine is comprised of a variety of strength exercises to work the whole body. You can use body weight exercises, plyometrics, and/or weights. By putting these exercises together with minimal rest the strength exercise routine all of a sudden becomes an intense aerobic routine as well.

So you end up burning fat and building muscle all in a very short amount of time. A good HIIT program will work the entire upper body, lower body, and core and keep your heart rate up and burning calories long after the workout is done.

The most famous study on HIIT is the Boutcher Study. The study was formed of 3 groups. One group performed 40 minutes of moderate cardio. Another group performed only 15 minutes on HIIT. The last group was a control group (they didn’t do anything). In the end the ONLY group that lost weight and in particular belly fat, was the HIIT group.

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What You Need To Start Doing Today!

Since the Boutcher study HIIT has become more and more mainstream. There are many options available so read on to find out more.

The bottom line is you should be doing 3 to 5 HIIT workouts per week starting immediately to get ready for Carnival. You will also want to begin to eat clean as exercise without good nutrition just won’t work. Also make sure to get good rest (at least 6 to 8 hours of good sleep every night). Getting fit has 3 main factors: exercise, nutrition, and recovery (good rest).

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At Home Workout Options

The man who brought HIIT to the masses without a doubt has to be Craig Ballantyne. His Turbulence Training System has helped tens of thousands of people transform their body. With workouts that last anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 minutes this is the best at home solution for busy people.

Take it from me, I’ve worked out with Craig and for a guy who considers himself very fit, the 8-minute workout with Craig left me exhausted and my heart rate was racing and burning calories for at least the hour following the workout. If you plan on working out from home with minimal equipment (you will need a pair of dumbbells), Turbulence Training is your go to solution. Craig has thousands of testimonials from people who have seen the results and transformed using his system.

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The Gym

While there are classes at many large gym chains that do a form of HIIT training there is one chain that has designed their whole gym solely around this method. Fit Body Boot Camp is a chain with over 300 locations worldwide that uses HIIT and nutritional coaching to cause real and dramatic transformations for their clients in very short amounts of time. Definitely worth checking out if there is one in your area.

HIIT doesn’t have to be your only form of training. If you like to work out with weights, make your HIIT sessions your cardio workouts (although they will help you build more muscle too). If you really do like moderate cardio like jogging, mix it up with HIIT.

The truth is research shows moderate cardio all by itself can actually increase cortisol levels in your body causing you to hold onto belly fat! But combined with HIIT training the overall desired effect to lean down will be much, much greater.

Yes, that's Rihanna!

Yes, that’s Rihanna!

Your Legs Are Your Fat-Burning Engines So Use ‘Em

Whether it’s Turbulence Training, Fit Body Boot Camp, or another form of HIIT, you will find that there is a significant amount of leg training even though the workouts do work the entire body.

Training your legs and hips as part of an overall HIIT program is very important. There is just no way to get the heart rate up and burn fat as fast as possible if you don’t include leg training. For women the added benefit is that you will not only get lean as fast as possible, you will also sculpt and incredible lower body.

Just look at the famously fit carnival samba dancers in Brazil many of whom are also fitness models. They train the same way most figure and fitness models do with a big emphasis on the booty and legs as well as working their whole body.

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For men the effect is somewhat different but just as important. Because of the difference in the hormonal make up of the sexes, intense leg and hip training makes men more anabolic allowing them to put on more muscles…all over their body. You want a bigger chest and bigger biceps. Yes keeping doing push ups and pull ups but add in some serious leg training and watch everything get bigger, leaner, and better!

Carnival is coming. Get ready. Use HIIT and use it now. Please visit to find other HIIT fitness programs you can try!

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