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Getting and Staying Strong And Fast Is The Secret to Staying Young

I have always maintained that strength training is the only true fountain of youth. I was in California recently and I had the pleasure to finally visit the mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym in Venice. This is the same place where Arnold Schwarzenegger and his crew of muscle bound Adonis’s trained for years and years. It has changed dramatically since those early days and is now filled with a gaggle of bodybuilders, fitness models, local fitness nuts, and just people from the neighbourhood. Also at the gym was a woman who would yet again reinforce my belief that being strong means staying young.

Ernestine Shepherd started working out at 56 and looks incredible here at 74

Ernestine Shepherd started working out at 56 and looks incredible here at 74

I was amazed to see faces from magazine covers which I had been reading for years, whether new or old. As I hunkered down to start my own workout I noticed a rather tall woman on the smith machine who was squatting. She did quite a number of reps and rather than stop and start a new set, she just kept changing her foot positions in order to focus on another area of her legs and butt. She did wide stance squats, close stance squats, ballet squats and even lunges, all one after the other. It looked like a pretty grueling set. It was no surprise that she looked like she was in incredible shape, particularly her legs and butt.

She finally finished her set and came out from under the bar and it was only then I noticed her age. She had to be at least in her sixties, and although she was covered in yoga pants, it wasn’t hard to see she had the kind of legs even most 20 somethings would envy. I couldn’t help but think that she was stronger, more flexible, and way more mobile than a good many women half her age!

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How much more did she enjoy her 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and now 60’s just because she put in the effort to stay strong and mobile? How much confidence did she have through all those decades of her life? I doubt she ever worried about how to dress to cover herself up when going out.

Now I didn’t know this woman at all and as we all do I’m sure she has had her fair share of trials and tribulations in her life. But she didn’t add to them by letting insecurity, self-loathing, lethargy, and immobility make her feel like an old woman before her time….

And neither do you.

You know it really doesn’t take that much effort or time to keep your youthful figure, a healthy young glow, and vitality. I’m talking less than 20 minutes a day of exercise. Some of your workouts could be less than 15 minutes a day.

20 minutes is less than 1.5% of your day. It’s nothing in the grand scheme of things. So it would be fair to say absolutely everyone has 20 minutes to exercise. So if you too have 20 minutes a day to exercise one has to ask why wouldn’t you when you consider the alternative?

Well…why wouldn’t you?

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