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Halloween ~ Eat Bad And Get Away With It!

Alright already! Whether you had little goblins bringing home the goodies last night or you’ll be out partying this weekend you should make plans to deal with being bad. You’re likely going to eat a couple of fistfuls of chocolate (I know I am) and chew on some sugary sweets.

That’s just a recipe for putting on the pounds. But there is a good way to deal with eating bad.

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Pick Your Spots ~ Be Bad Or Be Good

Outside of the Halloween parties eat clean. That’s the first rule. Limit your cheats. When you decide to be bad, be really bad. The rest of the time eat delicious food that’s good for you.

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Keep It Out Of Sight

So as not to be tempted, pack up any goodies around the house and pack them away in a cupboard outside of the kitchen. Make it somewhere you don’t usually go to eat. If the sweets are right in front of you it’s much, much harder to say no.

Just A Teensy Tiny Bit More Work This Week

Plan an extra 10 minutes of high intensity cardio for the next week.

But first, quick question for you, how do you make strength training aerobic?

Take no rest between sets. It’s just that simple.

These types of routines are called complexes. Complex training has you performing whole body movements that flow together in a fashion that allows you to keep your heart rate up while also building fat-burning muscle.

Complex training involves a bunch of exercises performed in succession one after another. You can use weights or just body weight movements.

Two of my favourite complexes are Workout Finishers and Fat Lass Accelerators. They are super short and super effective.

A long workout for one of these types of routines is 10 minutes. Sometimes they are as short as 3 minutes.

Remember, these are add-on’s to your existing workouts to increase the fat-burning, especially around times like Halloween or the holidays when we all indulge a little too much.

They are intense and they burn a ton of calories. I’ll be adding these into my workouts today and Monday to Friday next week to make up for the sweets I had last night and the junk I’ll be eating today.

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Last tip

Don’t feel you have to finish all the junk food in your house. It’s called “junk” for a reason. If you can stash it away in the house and not feel compelled to gorge on it, throw what’s left after two or three days.

Give it to a homeless shelter. It will be appreciated and you feel good for giving treats to someone else.

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