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How Do I Get Sexy Legs? Learn How To Sprint!

We always say here at that your form will determine your results. If you do exercises and sprints poorly you just won’t get the same great results as someone who is always seeking to perfect their form. So make every workout and exercise in being just a little bit than you were yesterday at whatever exercises you are doing.

This is particularly true of sprinting itself. There is a technique to sprinting and if you practice getting better at it the results will speak for themselves.

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Great Sprinting Form

Here’s How To Sprint Perfectly

The easiest way to get good at any physical activity is to break it down into its smallest and most fundamental pieces so you can master each one by one. For sprinting the first thing to understand is the basic sprint phases. At each phase concentrate on just a couple of techniques on your form until they become habit.

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Focusing on just one or two aspects of your form at one time is the best way to be successful. Here’s the four phases to focus on:

The Start

There are multiple ways to start but the Olympic four-point stance is likely a little too advanced for most beginners. Instead do the start you see Natalie Geiger doing in the video. Crouch down with one foot forward and the opposite arm forward. Feel as if you are a loaded spring.

Start to fall forward and then when you feel you need to catch yourself from actually falling over begin to drive ahead aggressively. This should consist of the first few steps. You should be looking down at the ground just 2 to 3 metres in front of you.

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The Drive

Now keep looking down but slowly begin to raise you gaze as you drive faster and faster. Pump your arms hard and bring your knees up as high as you can. Drive you legs down and feel as though you are pulling the ground behind you.

Your arms should be moving in a “cheek to cheek” motion…your hand doesn’t go much higher than the cheek of your face in front of you or much further back than the cheek of your butt behind you.


As you keep raising your gaze your body will follow slowly getting more and more upright. Once you are fully upright keep pushing until you hit your top speed.

If you are just starting sprinting we recommend keeping something back. It is safer and smarter to not go all out for the first month or two. Wait until you begin to feel very strong in the movement and the good habits with your sprinting form start to feel like they are becoming second nature.

In fact, when you go all out 100% that is usually the time your sprint form goes to heck. So it’s a good rule to practice at 90% of your max speed much of the time even when you feel very strong with your sprints.

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Mental Effort

People often don’t realize the difference between an okay workout and a great workout is mental effort. The more you focus and concentrate on what you are doing the more you will get out of it. It isn’t easy, especially when you are getting physically challenged mid-workout.

When you sprint or do any exercise for that matter make the mental effort to do everything as perfectly as you can. The more you work on your own personal perfection of technique the better and better you will look. Besides, focusing on learning a skill makes working out more meaningful and a heck of a lot more fun.

Stay strong, look great.


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