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How Do I Get Sexy Legs

Every woman wants to know how do I get sexy legs? Many people chalk it up to genetics. But what if it isn’t just genetics? What if people with incredible legs know something you don’t? We all see a random woman here or there who has great legs. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. So it must be luck, right?

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Well, think about it for a moment, is there any other place or group of people that you know of who consistently have incredible legs without a smidgen of cellulite? Supermodels? Hmmm I wouldn’t say they all consistently have great legs. Long legs yes, but many still have cellulite and others still are just painfully thin and gaunt.

Check out this awesome exercise routine that helps get great looking legs!

What about athletes, or more specifically, is there a particular group of athletes that always have great legs? I can remember when I discovered where to look to find the holy grail for great legs.

Squat Jumps Will Build You Sexy Legs

Like any other exercise you will only get out of it what you put into it. When you do these, NO half squats allowed, get down as deep as you can. Stick your butt back when you squat, that way you engage the glutes as well as the legs! Imagine as if you are trying to sit down on a chair that is just out of reach. That’s how far you should reach back with you butt when you squat…but keep your back straight.

The jumping portion of the exercise is a great workout for your glutes, not just your legs. And it is only by jumping that you can work that elusive top part of your butt to give you that adolescent perky butt. So jump and jump often.

When jumping, don’t think you have to go so high that you can slam dunk. In fact if you jump too high you can compromise how well you land. Get some height but don’t lose control. You also want to practice absorbing the landing with all of your ankles, knees, and hips (we call that triple flexion) bending to minimize the impact. Practice doing a soft landing.

So back to our search, which group consistently has great legs? I can remember years ago watching the Olympics and just amazed at the bodies on the track & field athletes particularly the sprinters. I wanted to look like the men and I was mesmerized by how beautiful the women are.

In my professional training career, I have used sprint training to help get my female clients into the best shape of their lives.

Sprinters of course! It was right there in front of you all this time. None of them have cellulite, they all have great legs, not to mention great abs and awesome booties. Dynamic exercises like squat jumps are part of a sprinter’s typical exercise routine. Take a page out of their playbook and get what works for them working for you!

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