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How Do I Get Superhero Abs?

I hear it from people each and everyday….”I want abs!”

Don’t we all?

Screenshot 2014-02-14 11.24.29

Want abs like Dennis Heenan?

It seems so elusive. Heck, if it wasn’t we’d all be rocking a six-pack. I’ll let you in on a little secret though, we all have abs….we just can’t see ’em because they’re hiding under a layer of fat. Rather than give you my take on ab training, I decided to go to the source for all things superhero; Dennis Heenan, to ask one question:

“How Do I Get Superhero Abs?”

Check out more from Dennis here.

Short Workouts Work Best

Super short workouts that continue to build that lean six-pack while melting fat at the same time sounds too good to be true. But the truth is you can accomplish great workouts in very short time frames if you know how to structure them properly.

Just 20, 14, even 10 minutes a day will make remarkable changes to your body over time if you are consistent. Think about it, you didn’t put that weight on overnight. Nope, it took years. It wasn’t one meal instead it was a series of relatively minor bad habits over a long period of time that had you putting on 5 to 10lbs year after year.

Screenshot 2014-02-14 11.26.57

Dennis Heenan cranking out a few burpees

Consistency Will Get You There

Think about this, if you were to change those small bad habits to small good habits (i.e. short workouts done almost everyday of the week) you would see dramatic changes in no time.

Screenshot 2014-02-14 11.47.33The problem is too often we get really frustrated because we don’t see the results immediately…don’t fall into this trap. You are changing and those changes are just around the corner. Stick to your course…be consistent.

If you do you will most certainly get the body and abs you want. Find out how here.

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