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How To Finally Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Are you just starting a new fitness routine? Or are you planning on starting one in the New Year? Let me tell you ahead of time that it is going to be a challenge. Be prepared. But if you know this and understand the rollercoaster you are getting on you will do fine. You’ll actually do more than fine. You’ll change your life.

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New Year’s Resolution

88% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Why? Because of the Workout Cycle. People start off with optimism and excitement but when the going gets tough people allow negative self-talk to convince them that they are somehow different. That they are somehow unable to get fit like other people. Belief in yourself is the single most important factor in getting fit.

Try doing “finishers” as a way to keep your “New Years” resolution on track! This type of exercise takes 5 minutes a day to do and you’ll burn lots of fat! Go here to find out more!

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Don’t give up what you want most for what you want in the moment. Cravings will pass in time. Find delicious alternatives. Workouts will get easier. Workout with friends or join small group training sessions to make it more fun and be accountable to others.

You can do it.

The Workout Cycle

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Let Me Tell You How The Next 3 Months Are Going To Go

Here’s how it goes…for everybody. Just look at the graph above for a visual.

You start off full of optimism and really putting in efforts to working out regularly and trying to change bad eating habits. Then somewhere usually between two weeks and one month those old habits of laziness and poor eating come raging back. You start to skip workouts and eating the way you used to do.

Then you start on a downward slide asking yourself why you’re not seeing the results that you expected. Why don’t you have your dream body yet? Then it gets worse. You tell yourself that somehow you are genetically at a disadvantage. That there is no way you can get really fit. That it’s way too hard. That you can’t change your habits. That you should just quit.

Now comes the big decision. Do you quit or do you refuse to give up.

Most people quit. Don’t be most people.

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Those that refuse to stop keep moving forward. They renew their efforts to master their bad habits and workout regularly. It’s a struggle yes but they progress little by little. Developing new good habits gets easier and easier over time until they begin to master new habits.

Then the real results start to set in. The weight starts to really come off. By three months their bodies start to take the shape they had envisioned. They reach new personal bests in weight loss or shape or strength or speed…whatever your personal goal might be. They start to believe they can achieve incredible things.

The key is the refusal to give in. Never stop pushing forward. That’s how progress is made. That is how you break plateaus. That’s how you win.



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