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How To Get A Perfect Booty And Great Legs

Everyone wants to know how to get a perfect booty and great legs but did you know, that squats alone may do wonders for your thighs but won’t necessarily give you the bum of your dreams? Squats will help build your butt….tremendously in fact, but you need to do more than just squat.

Here’s How To Get  A Perfect Booty And Great Legs From A Home Workout

Here at we know how to help you get into phenomenal shape. You just have to follow through.

Do the above exercises for 1 set x 15 reps, one exercise after the other with little or not rest in between. Once you have done 1 round of all 4 exercises take a minute break, then repeat the whole circuit again 2 more times.

Choose the right exercises to build a superior butt and stems

Screenshot 2014-06-12 13.19.07

1. Squats

This exercise is a must. It develops the quads as well as the glutes beautifully. Remember to make your hips do the majority of the lifting. Your legs and lower back are assisting in this exercise. Always keep your weight on your heels and reach back with your butt as you descend into the squat as if you are trying to sit on a chair that is just out of reach.

2. Deadlifts/Good Mornings

You have to deadlift. Why? Most people have weak, under-developed hamstrings. If you want the back of your legs to pop you need to do deadlifts. There are several forms of deadlifts (convential, stiff-legged, sumo, deficit, trap-bar) and I would suggest you take turns doing every kind over the years ahead to develop an unbelievable butt and eye-catching set of hamstrings.

If you stick with body weight exercises alone do the Good Mornings shown in the video above.

3. Glute Bridges

This is an exercise that is becoming an absolute necessity for glute development. No to mention it will help you get stronger in the two lifts above much quicker. Do them with body weight or if you really want to get great glutes fast…do them with a barbell over your hips.

4. Alternating Reverse Lunges

Any great leg and hip routine should include some variation of squat and some kind of single leg squat (lunge or split squat). Reverse lunges are particularly important because they load your hips/glutes to do the work rather than emphasizing the knees and quads.

Do these leg and glute exercises the way they are supposed to be done

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Part of the reason many people who squat don’t have a desirable derriere is that they don’t squat perfectly. Their form may be pretty decent but if you don’t engage your glutes they way you are supposed to then you won’t develop that booty.

You see the glutes are the strongest muscles in your body and should be doing most of the work whether you are squatting, deadlifting, and of course when you do glute bridges.

Get stronger or nothing much will change with your gams and your moneymaker

Screenshot 2014-06-12 13.14.25

There are 6 steps to getting stronger legs and glutes. Miss any one of these steps and you won’t see the dramatic results you are looking to get:

1. Have a plan

You should have a 6 to 12 week plan to get you from your current strength level to a new set of personal records for the 3 lifts listed above. You should also supplement your routine with other leg and glute exercises to build your strength and get you pumped by the end of your workouts.

2. Test

How strong are you now? The week prior to starting your plan should be a test week to see how strong you are so you set your starting point.

3. Goal and Deadline

Realistically how much stronger can you get in 6 to 12 weeks? Pick a deadline and goals to hit over that time period for the 3 lifts listed above. For example, if you can currently squat 100lbs x 10 repetitions, a reasonable goal would be to do 135lbs x 10 repetitions after a 12-week strength building cycle. You would be sure to see visible results in your legs if you hit that kind of goal.

4. Measure

Keep a log of each set and rep you do and the next time you do the same workout have a goal to do 1 or 2 more reps or add 5 – 10lbs to a particular lift so you can keep making slow and steady progress each and every workout.

5. Get Stronger

There are two ways to get stronger; progressive resistance or progressive workload.
Progressive resistance simply means lifting more weight. Progressive workload is doing the same weight (even if that is body weight) for more repetitions.

So you can do a body weight routine or one using weights. If you wish to do a body weight routine I would swap out deadlifts for a very similar exercise (body weight good mornings).

 Stop Thinking About It And Just Do It

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You wanted to know how to get a perfect booty and great legs and now you do so what are you waiting for…give this routine a try for the next 6 weeks and see if you notice the difference. Remember you have to eat smart as well to help you lean down to reveal the fabulous legs you are building. You can find out more about our killer plan to do just that right here.

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