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How to Get 6-Pack Abs And Great Legs….at the same time!

If you watched any of the 2012 Olympics there is high chance you saw Lolo Jones on TV. She is the U.S. Hurdler with a pretty face and flawless physique including a great set of abs. All sprinters have great abs, it’s just the nature of training that way.

U.S. Olympic Track Star Lolo Jones Image care of KDSanders-at-en.wikipedia

U.S. Olympic Track Star Lolo Jones
Image care of KDSanders-at-en.wikipedia

What you may not know is that they do not train their abdominals for hours on end. 3 ab workouts a week for no more than 15 minutes is all these high-level athletes need. If it’s good enough for them, it’s sure good enough for the rest of us.

What you may not know is what defines the “core”. When we say core many people think we are only referring to the abdominals, but we are also referring to the lower back and glutes. You see you need to be strong in all these areas to run fast, prevent injury, and to look great from all angles.

So rather than a million crunches, here is an example of a sprinter ab/core workout that will develop your 6-pack while giving you a strong longer back and great glutes in the process.

Get Sprinter Abs

Perform each exercise 1 after another. Take a 30 second rest and repeat for two more rounds.

Hapkido Side Leg Raises
Plank Leg Raises
Side Plank

Not a lot of work but a heck of a lot of results. Build a great core to sit on top of your incredible legs with this workout. As we say here at, you can’t have a great legs without a great butt, abs, and lower back. They all go hand-in-hand.

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