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How To Increase Your Flexibility to Squat

Many people are not flexible enough to squat properly. Our modern lifestyles have created a tightness in our hip flexors that prevents many of us from keeping a straight back when we squat down. As we always say, squatting is the “Grand Poobah” of all leg exercises and has the ability to transform your body like no other exercise. You just need to increase your flexibility so you can squat easily.

But you have to do it right.

Here is a great exercise that not only gets your legs stronger but also builds your flexibility in the hips so you soon will be able to squat and keep your back flat and strong throughout the movement.

The great thing about split squats, where your front foot is elevated, is that the workload is somewhat challenging for everyone and yet not overwhelming. Your hips get a great stretch as well. In fact, at the bottom of the movement you should take a moment to really work out the stretch.

As with any movement go slow and and in a controlled manner as you descend, this should take a good 2 to 3 seconds. Then you can come up as fast as you like. Descending slowly is practicing control over your body. This is a great way to develop strength and prevent injury.

Ultimately strength training is a vehicle for you to develop mastery over how you move your body. You may not be going to the Olympics for gymnastics any day soon, but having strength and control over your body will help you in every facet of your life.

Not to mention make your legs look fantastic, whatever you may be doing. So incorporate the split squats into your weekly routine and pretty soon you will be able to squat well and squat often. Great legs are sure to follow.

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