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How To Lose Fat On Thighs

Are you carrying a disproportionate amount of fat on your thighs? If so, you are not alone. There are a few contributing factors to fat, and cellulite genetics not being the least among them. But if you do the right things, you can overcome your genetics to reveal lean, smooth legs, sexy legs. Workout and eat like a sprinter and you are sure to get the legs you want.

How To Lose Fat On Thighs

Check out this video…these women are all in fantastic shape; wouldn’t you want legs like a sprinter (not to mention abs and a butt!)?? If so, watch and read on…

Cellulite rears its ugly head around puberty. Estrogen, thyroid hormones, and insulin all play a part in the accumulation of cellulite. So what can you do about it?

There is a hormone that counter-effects the cellulite build-up due to runaway hormones. Growth hormone (GH) helps burn fat, build muscle (which helps you burn even more fat), and helps keep you looking young. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

You drastically impact the amount of growth hormone your body produces by the way you eat and the way you exercise. Research shows that short bouts of high intensity exercise can increase this hormone production. Just a 10-minute burst of exercise can get you to produce more GH. Additionally, waiting 30 to 45 minutes after an intense workout before eating can also increase GH production.

So what can you do? Do a short workout when you get up and wait a 1/2 hour before eating. Also, don’t eat right before bed, instead do a short 10 minute workout right before you go to sleep to keep the good hormones running high and getting you lean.

Sprinting has also been shown to dramatically increase your body’s GH production. Not surprising when you look at sprinters bodies.

Ivet Lalova is a short distance sprinter. She's fast and strong which makes her lean and toned.

Ivet Lalova is a short-distance sprinter. She’s fast and strong which makes her lean and toned.

You would be surprised how much so-called “healthy” food is anything but. The prevalence of sugar in most processed foods has been likely been sabotaging your lean eating efforts. Just take a look at the ingredient list in most morning cereals, even the healthy ones, they are typically filled with sugar.

One of the first three ingredients in most cereals is typically sugar or some derivation thereof (fructose, cane syrup, etc.). Keep in mind the order of the ingredients on packaging is by the amount put into the recipe. Heck, even most breads have sugar in them.

All fat isn’t bad for you, far from it. There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Unfortunately most of the processed foods you eat are littered with unhealthy trans fats.

High doses of sodium, carcinogenic ingredients in low-fat sweeteners and artificial flavours aren’t helping you either.

Visit here to find out an easy tip on how to eat clean!

So what can you do? Avoid processed foods. When shopping, try to avoid the middle isles. Instead eat veggies & fruits, meats (preferrably grass-fed) and fish, eggs, and good carbs like brown rice, sweet potato, and potatoes.

Athletes eat this way so their bodies perform at peak levels. The rest of us should do it so we have great energy all day long and lean bodies.

The modern lifestyle is very sedentary. We sit hunched over a computer too much of the time (which is exactly what I’m doing as I’m typing this message). We are meant to walk, sprint, move our bodies, and lift things.

You have to make time in the day to move almost every day. Your body was meant to move.

That doesn’t mean you have to do a 2 hour killer workout every day. Some days, maybe all you do is go for a walk. Other days, you do some push ups and lunges. Other days, you could use a track at a nearby school to do a short sprint workout. If you do a little bit of all of the above a couple of times (for each; strength, sprinting, walking) a week, you can be assured you are going to be strong, fast, and looking great.

It doesn’t take much work, it just has to be consistent. Exercise has to be like brushing your teeth…you need to do it every day.

This is usually the cry of most people who have a great deal of cellulite. “It’s genetic, I can’t do anything about it.” The truth is, if you take care of the other three factors (diet, lifestyle, and hormones), your genetics will not be a factor.

Eat well and exercise regularly and you will lose the fat on those thighs. You can do it, you just need to start somewhere and keep working at it no matter how many times you fall off that horse. Persistence  trumps all other traits on the path to success.

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