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I Bet You Eat Perfectly All The Time????

In a word…nope. I love to indulge. I like beer, chocolate, and pizza. Not all at once of course but you get the drift. I like all those same terrible foods we all love. And I do indulge. But I keep a track of how much I do treat myself and I limit it. If you do that it’s quite easy to get and stay lean without depriving yourself.

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So how is it that some people can treat themselves with seemingly no repercussions and others can’t? It’s all a matter of how much and how often you have it.

Cardio vs. pizza

Check out my good friend Craig Ballantyne as he pits cardio versus pizza in a ridiculous calorie/cardio race!

It’s not that you can’t cheat. It’s just that you have to do one or the other. When you’re not cheating there are no half-measures, you must eat clean. When you are eating cheat foods, enjoy yourself and indulge.

Besides, a little indulgence is the surest way to prevent you from going off the rails on your nutrition plan and binge eating a whole pizza.

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Eating Clean

The easiest way to eat clean is to eat whole foods, or in other words, no processed foods. How do you know if it’s processed food? If food comes in a bag or a box try to minimize it if not eliminate it altogether. When you go food shopping avoid the middle aisles. The meat, fruits, and veggies are always on the perimeter of the grocery store.

Want to learn how to make healthy chocolate desert? Click here to find out how!

Processed food often contains hidden sugar and artery clogging trans fats that are the two biggest culprits for sabotaging eating clean. Avoid them and you’ll see big changes.

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Calories from Alcohol

It’s not so much the alcohol because relatively it’s not the alcohol where you get most of your calories. It’s typically all the bad foods you eat when you drink that gets you. So be aware that if you are having beer or wine you are likely noshing on some decadent foods so watch your portions and don’t do it too frequently.

A good rule: try to limit your drinking to once a week

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Don’t drink calories

It is astonishing how many calories we drink on average. Recent research estimates that North Americans get up to 40% of their calories from liquids. Juice, sweet lattes and alcohol are calorie-rich drinks that can easily short-circuit a diet.

Drink 2 to 3 litres (6 pints) of water a day instead. Water will help you lose weight and make eating clean even easier.

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