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I Wonder If Cleopatra Ever Obsessed About Her Weight?

Do you ever wonder if Cleopatra ever obsessed about her weight? I’d like to think she didn’t. In fact, as I imagine her, she was a proud woman comfortable in the faith of her own beauty. Maybe that is one reason she has become the stuff of legend. A truly confident woman is an irresistibly attractive lady. What do you think of your beauty? Maybe there are things you would like to change about yourself.

The definition of beauty, at least as popular culture defines it, has changed so often over the years: Betty Davis, Rita Hayworth, Ziggy, Angelica Houston, Grace Jones, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lawrence just to name a few. It is not uncommon to find women young and old wishing they had the body of whichever famous flavour of the week is defined as the most beautiful woman at that time.

But look at how these women are so radically different in appearance. If there is such a range in what is beautiful why can’t your definition of beauty reveal another colour in the spectrum of what is called “gorgeous”.

While it’s good to appreciate the beauty in others it is a waste to wish you looked like some other person whether in body, face, hair or any other way. By wishing you looked like someone else you are oblivious to the true beauty within you. It is in there, dying for you to show it to the world. But before you can do it, you need to believe in your heart of hearts that you are as exquisite a creature as was ever born.

Change what you can about yourself (become as fit, fun, smart, and charming as you are humanly able) but know that in your unique way, your best self is as beautiful as human perfection ever was. So why not be your best self and be boldly confident in your inestimable beauty?

On the other hand, there are those who make little efforts to be their best selves. I would refer to this as the fat and fabulous way of thinking. While there are many an incredible looking woman who are full-figured, there is a big difference between being naturally full-figured and being overweight. Don’t feign fat and fabulous as a cop out for being a healthier person. People who make an effort in every part of their lives to live up to their true potential are always held in the highest admiration.

The truth is you will be your happiest if you spend your life setting goals and trying your damnest to achieve them.

Don’t be lazy. Go the extra mile. As you do know that you are beautiful beyond measure and every effort you make to become the best version of yourself is only letting the beauty in you shine for the rest of the world.

We’re all dying to see who you are, not what version of someone else you can be. So why not go for it. We’re waiting….

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