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Interview with Pro Fitness Competitor Kyla Gagnon- Discusses Getting Into Incredible Shape & How To Eliminate Cellulite

In this interview with Fitness Pro Competitor Kyla Gagnon she discusses all things fitness. We delve into how she trains to sculpt her body and get into top shape, what she eats to look and feel great year round, and what she does to keep cellulite at bay.

Getting Into Incredible Shape & How To Eliminate Cellulite

Training To Get Your Dream Body

First a little bit about Kyla. Kyla is a personal trainer and owns her own training company in Victoria, British Columbia. She also does online training and provides fitness products at And if all that wasn’t enough, she is an NPAA Pro Bikini & Fitness Model.

As part of being a fitness personality Kyla is a spokerperson for Magnum Nutraceuticals, a supplement company, and is probably one of the more creative chef’s I’ve met who can make incredibly delicious yet nutritious desserts usually including the great protein that Magnum makes.

You should check some of her recipes out on Facebook.

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Kyla’s approach to training is simple and effective. Strength training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and sprint training make up the core of her training program.

Kyla knows that adding more muscle to her physique will speed up her metabolism and contrary to popular belief will make her appear smaller, not bulky. And it is only through strength training that you can actually sculpt your body as opposed to simply burning calories.

When it comes to melting fat, HIIT and Sprint training work just amazingly. Not only is she burning calories at an astonishing rate during these types of workouts, but she is continuing to build muscle.

This approach to training is also great to get your body in a positive hormonal balance which will promote weight loss and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Eating To Look And Feel Incredibly Healthy…Permanently

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Lots of water (3 -4 litres a day) plus a good amount of  nutritious whole foods is what comprises Kyla’s nutrition plan. Lean sources of protein (mainly chicken and fish) plus lots and lots of vegetables is the bulk of her daily meals.

Getting lean is NOT about starving yourself. In fact, fitness competitors like Kyla probably eat more than the average person. It is the quality of the food they eat that makes the difference in their ability to stay lean year-round.

Mental Exercises To Ensure Your Success

Screenshot 2014-10-06 09.05.40Screenshot 2014-10-06 10.15.38

Kyla attributes a great deal of her success to her positive mental attitude. But just like she exercises to build her physique, she uses mental exercises to build her positivity every single day.

In the morning Kyla sets specific positive intentions for the day that she intends to achieve. She understands that a positive outlook begins with the decision to have a positive effect on oneself as well as those you meet, each and every day.

In the evening Kyla has a mental practice of going over what she has to be grateful for that day. She does this exercise with a close friend each and every evening. As she puts it, “Everyone can find something to be grateful for everyday.”

In this way one can lie down to sleep in a positive state of mind.

What You Can Learn From Kyla’s Approach To Fitness

You can transform your body into incredible shape if you just do the basics.

  1. Learn to eat well – Again that doesn’t mean a starvation diet, rather it means learning which foods will nourish your body without storing fat.
  2. Workout to get stronger – Building muscle with make you look smaller, sculpt your body, and boost your metabolism.
  3. Work on your mindset – You first have to believe it is possible that you can change before you can change. Negativity will stop you dead in your tracks before you really get going. Try some of Kyla’s mental exercises every day for 4 weeks and see if you experience the difference in your attitude and results.

Want to try Kyla’s program. Find more about how she can help you workout from the comfort of your own home here.





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