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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Booty?

There are those women out there petrified of squatting with weights or working out too much because they are concerned their butt will get too big. I say, “Hogwash!!!” A lean muscular bum is never going to appear too big. A heavy overweight butt, maybe. This much is definitely true, if you don’t work it it will definitely get flat and “pancake-esque”.

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Exercise of the Week – Straight Leg Kickbacks

If you want a great booty you have to work it. And that means hitting it from multiple angles to make sure you work all the muscles that make up the glutes. Doing a variety of kickback exercises should be part of every glute routine. Straight leg kickbacks whether kneeling or standing will not only work your butt but also develop those hamstrings.

Learn how to do “butt kicks” so your hamstrings get all toned up! Click here to find out how.

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A Great Glute Routine

A great glute routine would include some form of kickbacks along with some form of bridging, lunging, and plyometrics. Now these elements are just for a glute routine. This doesn’t include all the extra glute work you should be getting from variations of squatting, deadlifting, and sprinting.

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Combine all those elements together and you will have a traffic-stopping body no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it (excuse the pun).

Remember too, strong glutes will save your back and knees. So many back and knee injuries are in truth the result of weak hips and glutes forcing the knees and lower back to take on that extra load when you have to exert yourself. You were meant to have strong glutes. Maybe that’s why it’s only natural for one to appreciate the look of a great butt.

At any rate, the idea that your butt is going to get too big is just silly. Remember muscle will shrink the minute you stop working it so if you were some kind of genetic freak who builds butt muscle all too easily all you would have to do is just stop exercising for things to shrink back into place.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So give straight leg kickbacks a shot to make sure you’re looking as good as humanly possible from behind.

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