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Late Night Cravings…How To Make Being Bad Not So Bad

Last night Sarah and I sat down on the couch after finally getting our two-year old to finally stay in bed. It had been an extremely long day. We were both stressed, exhausted and just a little spun.

We both needed and wanted to unwind.

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I poured us both a glass of red wine and as we turned to veg out in front of some trashy TV it wasn’t long before my stomach was telling me to go get something terrible to munch. I wanted to snack but I also didn’t want to cheat too, too much.

What to do?

My urge was for something savoury and crunchy…a typical potato chips craving. Instead I grabbed some peanuts, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds. And no…I didn’t choose them because of the alliteration.

When you compare the snack I had versus what I could have had the differences are dramatic!

Peanuts –

  • While peanuts have a high fat content 75% is monounsaturated fat, the same kind of healthy fat found in Olive Oil
  • Peanuts contain no cholesterol
  • Peanuts are high in protein – 25%
  • High in fibre which helps with digestion and thereby minimizes risk of fat storage
  • Contain B and E Vitamins as well as a bunch of minerals

Pistachios –

  • High in monounsaturated fat
  • Another good source for vitamins and minerals particularly B6
  • Particularly high in fibre for nuts which again really aids with digestion.

Pumpkin Seeds –

  • High in zinc (particularly unshelled pumpkin seeds), magnesium, and vitamin E
  • High in anti-oxidants which has been shown to help fight some cancers
  • High in phytoestrogens which recent studies show help fight the cellulite cycle as well as headaches, joint pain, and lead to an increase in the good cholesterol, HDL

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As usual, I had one pint of water in the evening which aids with my digestion. And, I had 1 pint of water upon waking for the very same reason.

In a perfect world I would have skipped the glass of wine and the snacks. While these snacks are healthy they still contain a decent amount of fat and calories and eating late a night is not optimal.

You more likely to store the food you eat late at night as fat.

Most of the time I can control late night eating. That wasn’t always the case. Like anything else it takes practice. Just know you will get better at it too. Just keep trying.

Let’s say I had potato chips instead of my healthy snacks. Chips are high in saturated fat. That is the bad fat. The kind of fat that makes one gain weight easily. In fact, a recent study shows that potato chips will get you fat faster than just about anything else.

Alternatively, the healthy fats found in nuts and legumes (peanuts are a legume…I know…who knew?) help fight cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, and type II diabetes.

But if you do cave-in to your cravings, mitigate the mistakes with some healthy and tasty options.

If your digestion is poor you are going to gain weight easier. Good amounts of fibre from natural sources (versus a fibre supplement) and water are needed in your diet to have good digestion.

Check out tomorrow’s video on what I do for sweet cravings…

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