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Look Great In That Strapless Dress

Have you ever seen a celebrity wearing a beautiful gown at the Oscars or the Grammys. What you may not notice is the nice shape many of them tend to have in their shoulders and upper back. Just a little definition and tone really adds to their overall look.

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Now what has that got to do with getting great legs?

If you want great legs you need a great body. Getting incredible legs doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need a great butt and great abs to do all the exercises you need to do to get great legs. You also need a decent amount of upper body strength. The ultimate payoff is that you get great legs along with an incredible body from top to bottom.

Judo Pushups

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So often people start out with a single body-part fitness goal and once they get that great set of abs or great butt they realize they foolishly neglected the rest of their body which now looks out of place. Then they are forced to do what they could have done right from the start.

Avoid regrets. Don’t be one of those people.

Now one of the absolute best upper back builders is without a doubt pull ups (or chin ups). Most people can’t do them and most of them that can, can’t do all that many. But ANYONE is capable of doing them and if you put in the time there is no doubt you will be able to do them and get good at them.

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When you do you will be really happy with the results. If this kind of challenge tickles you fancy go see this no-nonsense program by my buddy Rob King. Check out his videos of all the female clients he’s helped become pull up masters.


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