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Look Great Naked

I once had a client who confided in me that she was terribly uncomfortable with the way she looked naked. While she looked good in clothes when she got undressed parts of her body sagged in a way that made her feel very insecure. She just didn’t seem to have a nice shape to her body, particularly her hips and legs.

She ran religiously every day and did all sorts of ab exercises before bed….but she didn’t train her legs because she was worried they would get big and she’d end up walking around with a set of thunder thighs.

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This brings me to the point, there are two types of fitness buffs in this world…those who squat and those who don’t.

Figure and fitness competitors, boot-campers, athletes, weight lifters, crossfitters, and gym rats of all shapes and sizes understand that squatting is essential to developing great legs and glutes. Simply put, squatting is the difference between looking good in clothes versus looking good naked.

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Joggers and cardio fanatics never develop show-stopping legs. Why? Cardio doesn’t build muscle. None of us want to be muscle-head behemoths (that happening is next to impossible by the way) but the great shape you notice when you see someone with a nice body is all muscle.

Try as you might it is very, very, very difficult to put on a lot of muscle. And that’s just fine, because all you need is a little muscle to go from good to great.

Looking Good In Clothes Or Looking Good Naked

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Working your legs through a full range of motion is the ONLY way to get the great body and great legs you want. You can do a full range of motion doing lunges or even leg presses but no other exercise is as difficult or as exhausting as squatting. That’s how you know you should being doing them…the hardest exercises will always get you the greatest results.

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It’s not that squats are the only exercise you will need to look incredible naked but they are by far the most important. Typically those people who go to the effort to squat, particularly to squat with weights tend to do all the other important exercises to develop the legs fully.

How You’ll Feel After Leg Day

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Marilyn Monroe after a hard leg day!

A leg day should be physically challenging. You should feel pretty exhausted after a good day of squatting, lunging, and deadlifting. That’s how you know you’ve really challenged your body and forced it to change. Your body will build muscle and burn fat to give you the body and the legs you want.

You just have to put in the effort and the rewards are there for the taking.

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