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Lose Weight In 5 Minutes

My buddy Mike Whitfield is just shy of being a genius. Okay maybe he’s a genius. He’s come up with the simplest way to lose weight in 5 minutes. In fact, some of his workouts take even less time. Find out how Mike used his own technique to lose over 100lbs and keep it off for over ten years now. Check out my interview with Mike.

See How Mike Lost Over 100lbs And Kept It Off

If you have plateaued in your workouts and just can’t seem to shed any more fat then Workout Finishers are the ideal thing for you. Like I mentioned in the video, I like to do a Finisher either as soon as I get up or right before bed. That way I have my heart rate jacked twice a day…during my regular workout and then later on after my Finisher.

This is one of the valuable ways to use Finishers. Getting your heart rate up multiple times a day helps you burn more fat and burn it quicker.

Take heed, these workouts, although they are incredibly short, aren’t easy. But easy never transformed anyone. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. And you want change.

If you are just too busy to workout then Workout Finishers are the ideal way to get in a great workout in only a handful of minutes a day. No equipment or gym membership is required. So don’t put it off.

One thing I see is that people wait for some magical time in the future when they will be less busy to begin to get “back into shape”. But the truth is they just end up digging a bigger hole for themselves to dig out of…worse still life doesn’t get less busy.

It gets more busy. Count on it.

Don’t make excuses, instead make yourself proud and happy with the changes you make for yourself.

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