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Make Eating Clean Easy

If you find it so hard to eat well most of the time here’s a tip that will work wonders for you, save you time, and a whole wack ‘o cash. Interested? Try this on for size ~ on Sunday before the work week is back in full swing, take some time to cook all your mid-day meals for the week.

Cooking For the Week

If you prepared your foods in advance for the week you are much, much more likely to eat clean.

If you prepared your foods in advance for the week you are much, much more likely to eat clean.

What time of day do you tend to make the worst eating decisions. For me it was during the day when I wasn’t at home where good food was just a walk over to the kitchen. Maybe it’s not mid-day meals that are your weak times. Maybe it’s breakfast? Or even dinner (after a long day of work or school not many of us want to cook).

Whatever is your weakest time of day this fact will hold true, when you get really hungry and can’t wait to cook, you will always make the poorest eating choices. If you have good food ready, you can stave off hunger with a tasty healthy meal.

This kind of planning ahead is the difference between getting and staying fit or continuing to put on weight year after year. Take some time to cook once a week and stack up your meals. It’s way cheaper than eating out, it takes you almost the same time as cooking 1 meal as 5 or 10, and most of all it will get your fit and lean.

If breakfast is your challenge keep a good deal of fruit at home so you can grab a piece on your way out the door in the morning. If you grab coffee and a bagel typically for breakfast, switch up the bagel for oatmeal (Starbucks has it), just make sure not to hold the sugar.

If dinner is you weakness you can cook those meals on Sunday as well. It’s like we say around here at

“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

Being fit isn’t all that hard at all. It’s just a matter of doing the right things and exchanging those bad habits for good ones.

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