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Make Yoga Part Of Your Workout Plan

In order to look and feel great you need to focus on a few areas of functionality one of which is your flexibility. It’s a great idea to take one day a week and devote it to yoga for a really good stretch that will only do wonders for you.

Avoid Injuries

Screenshot 2013-12-29 15.12.14Many injuries come from being too stiff and tight. In fact, too much stiffness will make impossible for you to do certain exercises properly which ultimately may result in injury. For example, many, many people have tight hip flexors and tight hips which makes it difficult to squat properly.

Becoming more mobile and flexible is all part of the plan in order to have you looking and feeling great.


Screenshot 2013-12-29 14.49.10My wife and I used to end every week with a Hot Yoga class to de-stress from the work week. It was an incredible way to start the weekend. Now with two little girls it is much harder for us to make this a regular practice and so we have to go on our own. Still there is nothing like the relaxed feeling you will get after a great yoga workout.

Whether you go on your own or with a friend, try a yoga class on a Friday night and spend of the rest of the weekend in a super chilled out state of mind.

Become Supple And Graceful

Screenshot 2013-12-16 15.56.48Whether it is a dancer, an athlete, or a regular practioner of yoga, mobile and flexible people move in a more graceful manner. Everyone has noticed the great posture and fluid movement of these people. Being flexible will have you standing taller and walking with the kind of grace that people can’t help but notice so don’t ignore it.

Choosing The Right Style For You

There are a lot of different kinds of yoga from Ashtanga to Hot Yoga and they all have something to offer. Spend the next couple of months going to a yoga class once a week and try different yoga studios and styles until you find one that is just right for you.



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