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More Muscle = Smaller Butt

This isn’t your workout for today…this is the 5-minute blaster you do after your workout or just before bed to get some extra “Umph!” into your results!!!! You want to change your body right? You want to transform?

Well, once in a while just throw in a little more work….because building more muscle = smaller butt.

Here’s the workout. Do the 3 rounds of the following exercise with no rest. If it takes you all of 5-minutes you are doing it slowly. Why not add in this little routine just before you sit down on the couch at night to chillout?

Tushy-Toning Workout

Today’s Tushy-Toning Workout:

Two rounds of ~

Kickbacks x 8 (both sides)

Standing Kickbacks x 8 (both sides)

Reverse Planks x 8

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.11.46 PM

You see there are only 3 ways to change your body:

1)   Increase your volume of work (in nerdy fitness terms this is referred to as progressive workload)

2)   Increase the weight you lift (aka progressive overload)

3)   Manage your nutrition (notice I didn’t say starve yourself, just eat good food instead of bad)

So adding in a little extra work (#1) really makes a difference if you want to change your body!

Here’s another 5 minute workout you can try, there called ” workout finishers”! Please checkout this video and find out what they’re!

Build Muscle to Burn Fat

The first two options will build muscle. Don’t worry you’re not going to become a she-hulk! It’s very, very, very hard to build muscle.  Besides 1lb of muscle is much more compact that 1lb of fat.

Besides, just having more muscle on your body makes you burn even more fat while at rest. You see the body needs to burn calories just to maintain that extra muscle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 9.24.37 AM

More Muscle = Smaller Butt

That little bit of extra muscle is what gives you the slight curves and sexy definition that you are looking to get in your legs. A small, perky butt is one that is strong or, in other words, one that is jam-packed with muscle!

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