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Must-Have Workout Gear For Your New Year’s Resolution

This is some of the must-have workout gear you’re going for your New Year’s Resolution to get into the best shape of your life this year. So gear up and get ready for your transformation.

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The sales will be on for the month of January and it’s a great time to stock up on fitness gear. Here are some of our personal favourites:

#1) Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Running Shoes

Screenshot 2013-12-29 14.36.48

In order to develop great legs and a great body you need a strong foundation and that means you need to also strengthen your feet. Who knew? It’s true that most people have incredibly weak feet and the typical “cure” for this problem is orthotic inserts. But these only cause temporary relief as the added support continues to allow your feet to get weaker and weaker.

Want to learn more on how to sprint properly and torch fat at the same time? Then go here!

Shoes such as those above have minimal support with enough cushion to allow you to develop your foot strength while padding your foot for the impact of exercising.

That and they look great. Get them here.

#2) Yoga Pants

Screenshot 2013-12-29 14.58.11Let’s face it, yoga pants make your butt look better and we all want to look as good as we can each and every moment of the day. They’re also super comfy and are great for working out. Go with simple colours like black or grey or step into some cool designs like this one from Teeki.

#3) A Sports Bra

Screenshot 2013-12-29 15.05.22If you haven’t worked out in a while this staple may be missing from your wardrobe. But a sports bra is a must and you’ll feel more comfortable and confident having it while you get into great shape.

#4) Funky T-Shirts

Screenshot 2013-12-29 15.28.04To cap off your outfit, get some fun and funky shirts. Something loose that won’t constrict your movement is best. This one is fun and will have you in good shape for the coming zombie apocalypse 😉

At the end of the day you don’t need a lot of fancy gear to get fit. Just a good pair of running shoes and some comfortable workout clothes. If you need to stock your wardrobe for this New Year’s resolution, now is the best time to get great deals.


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