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Never Too Old To Start Working Out

I have a client, William, who started working out in his late fifties. He was a banker by trade and had thus far lived the hectic and excessive lifestyle of an elite of the financial sector. Late night outs, rich foods, too much coffee, and way too many drinks made up most of his days. He was 57.

He came to see me because he was feeling burnt out and taking an extended holiday hadn’t done a thing to cure his constant fatigue. His doctor told him he had better change his lifestyle or it would start catching up with him very soon.

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When I tested his mobility and strength it was no surprise that he very tight and immobile and terribly weak, particularly in the legs. So we started with a very basic program to build his flexibility, strength, and coordination over the first few months.

Never Too Old To Start Working Out – Interview With Dr. Dan Ritchie

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From there we progressed to a moderate intensity workout. Before the first year was out we were doing pretty intense workouts.

William is still with me and is in his early seventies. He told me something the other day that just floored me, of all the old colleagues he worked with back when he started with me he said they had all passed away! The only thing he could attribute his longevity to was our workouts.

It was the only thing he did differently from them.

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At 75, William can do things many men half his age can do. He does full squats with 135lbs for reps, full pushups are no big deal, and he has energy to spare once our workouts are done.

There is no time limit on fitness. Research shows you can build muscle and burn fat at very advances ages (80’s & 90’s). So if you’re only in your late thirties or forties thinking that it’s only natural and inevitable for your body to get weaker and more out of shape for the rest of your days stop right now.

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It is cliche to say but we only value our health when it’s gone. Another way of looking at it is when you’re healthy and fit life is so much more enjoyable. That 20 minutes of exercise we all like to complain about has such a huge pay-off it’s a wonder we think it’s a chore at all.You can turn things around in no time no matter what kind of shape you are in today. Just start smart and have a plan to get you on track to being fit and soon.

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