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One Of My Best Kept Secrets

When I was young it is a wonder I didn’t end up in the hospital or chronically injured. As typical of so many teenagers trying to get buff my form was terrible especially when it came to any variation of squats. Sure I got injured some. I’ll pulled my back, more than a couple of times. Then I started to get wise.

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I made it my mission to perfect my form because you don’t get injured when you use perfect form. But something happened I didn’t expect. The better I got at squatting the better and better were my results. You see to become better at form means you need to develop the strength necessary to do good form. Getting stronger means building a little muscle and more muscle burns fat.

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I was getting leaner and developing better shape as I perfected my squat. Bottom line…good form is beyond important if you want results.

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Sometimes, even now, when I workout I get so exhausted my form gets sloppy. But I tell myself I have to finish all my reps and sets and form goes out the window.

Working out is hard. Heck, if it wasn’t then nothing would happen. Your body is forced to adapt to the stress we put on it and that’s what causes physical transformation. You want to be fit? Of course you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this silly albeit charming blog.

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You just want to look good. Right?

Do want to be to be strong? Fast? Flexible? Maybe you don’t care about any of that…but the ONLY way to look great is to be stronger, faster, and more flexible than you are now. What will get you there the fastest?

Please for the love of all that's holy, don't ever squat in heels

Please for the love of all that’s holy, don’t ever squat in heels

Just think about it, have you ever seen an incredibly fit person who was had terrible squatting form? No, they do them perfectly.


Form determines your results.

Perfect your form. Become obsessed about it. Focus on form and your results will surely come.

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