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How Do I Get Superhero Abs?

I hear it from people each and everyday….”I want abs!” Don’t we all? It seems so elusive. Heck, if it wasn’t we’d all be rocking a six-pack. I’ll let you in on a little secret though, we all have abs….we just can’t see ’em because they’re hiding under a layer of fat. Rather than give […]

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Dairy vs. Abs

I had clients in the past who were having a challenging time losing weight although it seemed they were exercising and eating right. For many of them the reducing or altogether eliminating dairy from their diets was the missing piece that allowed them to really look great. Discover how to lose weight in 5 minutes […]

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Look Great Naked

I once had a client who confided in me that she was terribly uncomfortable with the way she looked naked. While she looked good in clothes when she got undressed parts of her body sagged in a way that made her feel very insecure. She just didn’t seem to have a nice shape to her […]

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