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Pilates Will Help You Get Great Legs

A sprinter friend of mine was looking for an edge to up her speed and improve her performance. When I suggest Pilates at first she look at me like I had two heads.

She already did loads of abdominal work, which is typical for any sprinter. I explained that Pilates was a whole ‘nother animal when it came to abdominal and core training.

Time after time I have seen everyday people right up to elite athletes try Pilates and every time each and every person is shocked at the experience. The usual response is that they have never used their core like that before.

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My buddy’s sprint time improve within only a couple of months of using Pilates as part of her workout plan. She said she had never felt so strong in her abs and glutes before.

She had become a Pilates lover for life.

What Is Pilates Really?

Pilates is a series of movements designed to develop maximum muscle strength while at the same time increasing your flexibility. The movements are meant to realign your muscles to improve coordination, gracefulness, and power.

Check out my interview with Pilates guru Sylvia Favela

How Will Pilates Help Me Get Great Legs?

A core part of the Great Legs program is sprinting because sprinting allows you to maximally work all the muscles of the legs, hips, and yes the core. The muscles all work to get integrally to sprint.

If you want to learn more on some sprinting drills, then please click here.

Have you have seen a sprinter without a flat tummy? Heck have you ever seen a sprinter without a serious six-pack? No you haven’t and why? Because you need an incredibly strong core in order to sprint.

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Kate Hudson swears by Pilates

If It’s Good Enough For Them…

You wouldn’t think athletes that play in such an aggressive sport as top level American football wouldn’t be the sort to do Pilates, but even NFL teams use it as part of their fitness program.

Now you likely don’t want to look like an NFL athlete, but there is still something to learn from everyone….Pilates helps athletes become faster. “So what?” you say…

The bottom line is that as you learn to sprint faster and with good form you will look better than you ever thought possible. You need a strong core to sprint well. Pilates can give you a great core.

So whether you’re a celebrity who wants to look her best like Kate Hudson or an athlete who wants to run faster or you’re just someone who wants to look amazing and have perfect posture check out more about Pilates with my friend Sylvia Favela.

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