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Discover How To Reach Your Fitness Goals

You may already know our friend Craig Ballantyne. He’s a well-known fitness expert who has helped tens of thousands of people lose fat and get toned through his super effective Turbulence Training fat-burning system. He’s been featured in many of the most popular fitness magazines in the world including Oxygen, Women’s Health, and many more.

If anyone can tell you how to get on track to getting on a program and sticking to it, it is this man. Check out this interview we had with Craig:

Reach Your Goal

So that’s it. You want to finally achieve your fitness goals? You want to get those smooth and sexy legs you’ve always wanted? Then take the steps Craig suggests:

Craig Ballantyne has been an online fitness guru for years. Helping thousands and thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

Craig Ballantyne has been an online fitness guru for years. Helping thousands and thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

Make a Plan

There are a good number of excellent workout plans out there for you. If you want great legs, ours is tailored to your goal. If you need to lean down, Craig’s plan can’t be beat. Whatever your goal, if you do some research, you can find a good plan out there.

See our interview with Craig on YouTube:

Make sure you have Accountability & Support

Find one of your friends, family, or colleagues whom you know would be supportive of you taking on a fitness challenge and tell them of your goal, your plan to achieve it and mostly important, the deadline you are working under.

This kind of emotional support and accountability will keep you motivated to get that next workout in and stick to your nutrition plan (when the couch, TV, and junk food start calling your name). If they’re a spouse or someone who lives with you, they’ll also call you out when you reach for a bag of chips!

Identify your Incentive

What is driving you? Ask yourself why you want to look better. Take the time to understand what it will do for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Envision that future image of yourself happier and more confident and make time every day to see your future self. Your best version of yourself. This little exercise will also keep you on track when old bad habits come calling.

Also, set some kind of pay off for yourself if you reach your goal. Have you been looking to make some kind of purchase but have been indecisive whether you should spend the money? Tell yourself if you reach your goal, then you give yourself permission to treat yourself. Make it a spa day, new outfit, tickets to a show or sport, whatever it might be.

Set a Deadline

This is one thing many people do not do, but is so crucial to your long term success. Start small and set a 1 month or 2 month deadline for your goal. The goal could be to lose a certain amount of weight, do a certain number of squats per day, increase your running speed, or it could be to simply not miss a workout for a certain period of time.

Whatever the goal, set a deadline not too far out. It’s much easier to stay driven if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lastly, when you reach your deadline, it is time to reflect, celebrate your achievement, and measure your success. Did you reach your goal? Maybe this was just a milestone on the way to your bigger goal of your ultimate dream body. Whether you got where you wanted to go or not, it’s time to begin again. Set a new goal with all the components mentioned above with another short deadline.

Do this and you will get whatever you want eventually; whether it is financial success, better relationships, or yes, a truly incredible pair of legs.

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