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Remembrance Day – Be Inspired By Our Amazing War Veterans

Today we ask that you stop and take a moment to recognize the incredible sacrifices made by our military over the years and most recently by those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s also a great opportunity to be inspired by so many veterans who refuse to let serious injuries hold them back from being all that they can be.


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Obstinate determination will take you to great places. By merely refusing to let anything get in between you and your set goal you will eventually attain your desired outcome.

Maybe you want to lose 10lbs or maybe you finally want that enviable six-pack. Wherever you set the bar, you have to be blindly determined to get to your goal no matter what happens.

It brings up one thing that successful people do…avoid naysayers. If you have people in your life who don’t believe you can change, who don’t believe you can do amazing things, who only discuss obstacles instead of solutions, then avoid those people like the plague.

If you can’t avoid them altogether, minimize your time with them.Tell yourself that they just have a defeatist mentality and choose not to let their opinions falter your faith in your own capabilities.

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Many people give up when they see others getting success faster than they are doing. Foolishly they forgot to realize that they were at least making progress. Progress will come for each of us at a different pace, some faster, some slower.

Progress is not constant. While it may take you longer to lose your first 10lbs, momentum, motivation, and many other factors will change the speed of your progress over time.

Fitness buffs talk about plateaus that halt progress, but through determination and persistence these plateaus are eventually broken letting loose the floodgates for another round of dramatic results.

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It is far too often that we tell ourselves that we can’t achieve something. Evidence could surround us that others with bigger challenges than we do have gone on to have success. Yet we will rationalize our own inability and choose failure before we have ever really tried at all.

The incredible heart and will of these soldiers teach us that no matter what the obstacles you can achieve amazing things. Before any of these people joined the army they weren’t much different than you or I.

But if military training imbues anything upon an individual, it’s the belief that they can achieve lofty goals if they just remained determined. The truth is we can all achieve amazing things if we are determined and persistent.

You are capable of amazing things. Take the first step and never, ever stop moving forward.

The next time you need inspiration think of these brave men and women. Be inspired and be thankful.

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