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Smoking And The Best Shape Of Your Life

What does smoking having to do with finally getting into the best shape of your life?

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Tell me if this sounds familiar.

I have a friend who has tried quitting smoking too many times to count. In her teens, smoking was cool (although yes we all know it’s foolish to do). In her early twenties it was still badass. In her late twenties it was something she and her fellow smokers started to complain about occasionally, “I know I’m hooked.”

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By her thirties the complaints came more often and got worse, “Why did I ever start this stupid habit?”

Originally she smoked socially. Then she started to smoke on breaks at work. Now she woke up and had a smoke and kept the pace all day. She reeked of cigarettes. So did her house, her clothes, her car…everything.

It was during her thirties that she attempted quitting almost every other year, typically as a New Year’s resolution. But it never stuck.

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Finally Quitting

Then, the year she turned forty, she quit the day after her birthday. She quit cold turkey (which may or may not be the best approach) and hasn’t had a smoke in over two years.

We all know friends that have quit smoking. We all have friends who have tried to quite but been unable to quit. When I ask the people who managed to kick the habit, it was typical that it wasn’t the first time they tried to quit. They tried and failed usually many times they finally got it done.

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I always ask, “So what was different they last time you quit that you were able to finally kick it?”

The answer is always the same.

“You know I was just finally ready to quit.”

When people are truly determined in their heart of hearts they can accomplish anything. You can accomplish anything.

So What Has Quitting Smoking Got To Do With Getting Fit?

Now replace “smoking” with “sugar” or “bad food”. If you’ve had trouble getting fit, it starts with your nutrition. Let me be very clear, I am saying that bad food, especially sugary foods, are addictive. Studies have shown that sugar is easily as addictive as smoking.

You know you want to look and feel better. Heck, deep, deep down you wish you could look and feel great. Well it all starts with kicking your bad habits.

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Our Advice

Start small. Don’t start some radical diet…they never last. You have to find a permanently healthy way of eating that actually makes you happy…yes… I said it, happy! The first step in that process is finding the worst foods you eat and finding healthy alternatives.

Got a chocolate addiction? There are a lot of healthy recipes for brownies and cookies.

If sugar is really your Achilles heel, check out my friend Catherine Gordon’s solution to kick your sweet tooth for good.

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Addicted to savoury treats like potato chips? There are savoury alternatives. You just have to look to find them. But be careful, many foods marketed as fat-free contain tons of sugar. Many foods marketed as sugar-free contain a ton of bad fat (trans fat). Read you labels…make smart choices.

Slowly find alternatives that truly satisfy your cravings for the worst foods that you love. Keep up with this quest until you have replaced all the unhealthy foods you eat with good ones.

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You can get lean and beat your addiction to bad foods. You just have to be determined. Time to kick those bad habits for good!

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