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Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

I can remember many times over the years where fitting in my workouts was a real challenge. Life just gets so busy sometimes it’s difficult to make it all happen. But if you plan ahead you won’t have a problem. Long-term fitness is achieved by being consistent even when it isn’t so easy to do so.

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Way Too Busy To Workout?

I’ve had jobs over the years where fitting in my workouts was extremely tough. I was working 14 hours a day, five days a week! Now I didn’t end up training as often or as long as I typically do. Instead of exercising five days a week it dropped down to three times a week.

Instead of working out for an hour it dropped to thirty minutes.

Now I didn’t make incredible gains during these busy times but I did make progress. I didn’t put on any fat but I did manage to get a little stronger. So when my schedule eased up and I could turn up the intensity I hit the ground running and boy did I break plateaus!

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Are You Slowly Gaining Weight?

Are you slowly losing weight or are you slowly gaining weight? We all tend to be moving in one direction or the other. If you are slowly gaining weight then something has to change. Sure a few pounds doesn’t make the world of difference but over the months and years ahead that can turn into dramatic weight gain.

It just happens so slowly we don’t treat it as a serious problem.

If you are slowly gaining the next several weeks are likely going to make things worse. The holiday season is a time of parties, treats, and big meals. We also get totally distracted from physical fitness. When the holidays are upon us the thoughts of exercise and eating well are starting to sound like white noise in the background.

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Start Small

But don’t put you head in the sand and pretend you will deal with it later. Digging a bigger hole for yourself to dig out of just makes the thought of getting back into shape that much more daunting. Wouldn’t it be great to hit your New Year’s resolution with a running start?

Instead, start small and start today.

If you aren’t exercising start a simple, short, and effective workout program today. This is something that you can conveniently fit into your lifestyle. Something along the lines of 30 minute workouts three to five times a week.

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If you are working out and you know your social calendar is getting booked up, make arrangements to fit your workouts into times that don’t conflict with the coming holiday events.

Just keep your momentum going.

When the New Year rolls around you won’t be trying to just get back to normal, you will have set the stage to take your fitness to the next level. And unlike so many others, your New Year’s resolution will be something you actually achieve this year!

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