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Strong Is The New Skinny

Marilou Dozois-Prévost is not that well known outside of the hardcore fitness freak world but she should be. She should be the poster-girl for the saying, “Strong is the new skinny.” Far too many women are afraid they will get big and bulky if they get stronger, when in fact getting stronger is the FASTEST WAY to slim down and get lean.

Marilou weighs only 117lbs at a height of just shy of 5’3″ she hoisted well over 200lbs over her head! I’m not suggesting you should go out and start Olympic weightlifting. But success leaves clues. If such a fit petite girl can lift so much weight wouldn’t it make sense to paid heed to what is working for her?

Getting Stronger Will Make Your Lean And Tight

Getting stronger has different effects on women then it does on men.To get big and bulky requires a certain hormonal composition and women just don’t have the hormones to get bulky. Instead, with a woman’s hormonal composition, training to get stronger makes them lean and shapely in all the right places.

What many people don’t know about Olympic lifters is that they are also incredibly fast over short distances. It’s the nature of the beast. In order to literally throw 200lbs over your head you need to be fast as well as strong.

Click here to find a great sprinting drill!

Be Your Best Self

So what should you do to get in the best shape of your life? Build up your whole body with a particular focus on your legs. Squats and sprinting should be the focus of the majority of your workouts. As you get stronger (and faster) your body will change to that ideal version of yourself you always wanted.

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