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The 10 Habits Of People With No Cellulite On Their Legs

No one wants cellulite yet so many women (roughly 85%) have it to some degree. So how is it that some women just don’t seem to get that orange peel skin on their hips and thighs? Simple…they have good habits. You want to know how to get smooth legs so here it is…a list of the 10 habits of people with no cellulite on their legs.

They Exercise Regularly With A Big Focus On Their Legs

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This sounds obvious but the evidence suggests otherwise. So many people want great legs and their strategy is jogging. Jogging doesn’t work your legs fully since it is through a short range of motion and doesn’t cause enough muscle tension on the specific areas you want to develop.

Training your legs is the most challenging form of strength training, which is one reason you hardly see anyone at the squat rack in the gym. But the only route to truly incredible legs is to work them through a full range of motion from multiple angles. Whether you use body weight, dumbbells, or a barbell, squat deeply, do some form of lunge or split squat, include exercises that focus specifically on the glutes and again on the hamstrings and you will have yourself a decent leg routine.

They Train For Specific Goals (weight loss, sculpting, event performance)

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People without cellulite raise the bar by always working towards a goal typically 6 weeks to 3 months away. Those goals can change. Maybe at first you want to lean down and lose some weight, later you may want to develop strength, or you may be trying to develop a specific look to your muscle and sculpt your body.

Whatever you goal is, having one is important. And not just a goal, it must also come with a deadline and a plan to get you there. Fail to plan and plan to fail.

They Plan Their Meals

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Lack of planning is a recipe for disaster. If you are not prepared you will make bad food choices, which only contribute to cellulite build up. Plan you food for the week, shop so you have what you need in the house, and prepare your food ahead of time so you can eat quickly when you get hungry.

They Make Healthy Fats A Significant Part Of  Their Diets

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Cellulite is a product of a hormonal imbalance. You require fats to have proper hormonal production. A good rule to go by is 20% of your foods should come from healthy fats. So what’s a good source of healthy fat?

These are my go to’s: Coconut oil, olives and olive oil (at room temperature only, do not use for cooking), nuts, avacados, fish, and flaxseed (make sure they are ground, not whole)

There is even some research showing that the fat in egg yolks is a great source of fat (not to mention other nutrients).

Their Training And Diet Uses Periodization

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Periodization is a fancy way of saying their training is quite different for set periods of time. This goes hand-in-hand with training for a goal. If you switch up your goals every few months you must also change up your training strategy every few months.

At my gym we section out the year in four 3-month quadrants: conditioning, body-sculpting, endurance, and strength building

Although there are overlapping qualities to each 3-month phase, the programs are significantly different which means you don’t plateau your development and you don’t get bored doing the same routine endlessly.

They Plan Their Cheat Meals

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In my opinion you should cheat for both long-term weight loss and your sanity. You’re going to have cravings. If you plan to satisfy those on a regular (weekly basis) it will give you the strength to eat clean the other 6 days of the week. But just because you have a cheat day doesn’t mean it’s a free for all…

On your cheat day you should have 2 cheat meals. If you like to consume alcohol save it for this day as well. We all have a few items we crave more than other indulgences. For me it’s pecan butter tarts, beer, and pizza. I make sure I get my fix on my cheat day but I don’t go overboard. I’ll have one butter tart, a few slices of pizza, and a few beers that day. Exercise restraint when it comes to portion control so you don’t blow all the good work you’ve done eating clean during the week.

They Prepare Their Food Ahead Of Time

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We all make the worst food decisions when we’ve let ourselves get terribly hungry so…let’s not do that. I cook the majority of my meals for Monday through Friday on Sunday. I package them up in 10 tupperware containers and stack them in the fridge so they are ready to go. The only cooking I do everyday is my breakfast and whipping up a couple of protein shakes for the day (again all done in the morning).

My shopping list is very simple because I am eating so clean. That’s not to say I can’t have a great deal of variety in my food. You can cook chicken and fish a million different ways. Focus on spices, non-fat marinades, and a variety of vegetables to change the flavor of any meal. Avoid fats and sugars (including honey and syrups).

They Make Recovery An Equal Priority To Diet And Exercise

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If you don’t get enough rest, particularly sleep, you are going to throw off your hormonal balance. Besides, you don’t change your body when you workout, you change when you sleep and your body recovers from the workout. Try to get 8 hours sleep a night (7 at the very least). If that’s not possible can you work a nap into your day to compensate for a short night’s sleep?

Plan to get to bed early. Have work to do? Get up early to do your work instead of staying up all hours. Our bodies work best when we get to bed early and wake up early rather than staying up and sleeping in late. This may seem difficult at first if you’re not a morning person but soon you will grow to like it more than being a night owl.

If you have trouble sleeping a hot shower or nice soak in the tub is a great way to relax before bed and get you ready to drift off to dreamland.

They Minimize Coffee and Alcohol

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These two items, taken in excess, will burn our your adrenal glands and throw your hormones out of whack. No more than two coffees a day and alcohol should be limited to once a week and keep it to no more than a few drinks. If you are a coffee hound now it can be difficult cutting back. Swap out green tea for coffee at first if that helps. Green tea has also been show to help with weight loss.

They Manage Stress Effectively

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This one is a biggie. When you’re stressed your body produces an excessive amount of cortisol, which encourages your body to store fat around the waistline. So how can you manage stress? Exercise helps for sure. Particular forms of exercise like yoga help tremendously even if only done once a week. Meditation and breathing exercises are also very helpful.

Schedule down time with friends and family and make sure to make having fun a regular part of your life.

At the end of the day you need to control your thoughts. Remember we choose what we think. Worrying is just you indulging your imagination in the worst possibility.

Getting Great Legs Is A Bunch Of Small Changes

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It’s not one huge thing you have to do to get great smooth legs. The answer definitely won’t come in a cream or some kind of treatment. Looking great is all about living a healthy lifestyle and building the muscles in your legs and hips to have all the curves and tone you desire.

It’s easier to do than you think. It just comes down to forming new habits. Here’s a good plan for success. Take just one habit listed here and do it for one month. The next month, add one more habit, and so on until you have them all done. Within a year you will have drastically changed your lifestyle but it will have been done so gradually you will ensure your ability to succeed. Find out more about ridding yourself of cellulite by clicking here.

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